Best Tow Straps For Trucks- Heavy Duty Recovery Straps Guide

Tow straps can be the difference between a major inconvenience and a minor one. Most drivers might not realize their necessity, but the ones who do, know how vital it is to have a quality tow strap.

As you know, tow straps are strong, thick straps made of materials such as polyester with hooks on both ends. You can use these hooks to rescue vehicles or pull other heavy objects.

However, these products can differ a lot in many aspects. To help with that, we have compiled the best heavy duty tow straps.

Top Picks : 5 Heavy Duty Tow Straps

Top 10 Heavy Duty Tow Straps Reviews

A quality tow item allows you to be free from worries when you are out on your endeavours. Let’s find out the ones we think will do a great job at that.

1. ALL-TOP Heavy Duty Tow Strap Review

ALL-TOP Nylon Heavy Duty Tow Strap Recovery Strap Kit : 3 inch x 30 ft (35,000 lbs) 100% Nylon and 22% Elongation Snatch Strap + 3/4 Heavy Duty D Ring Shackles (2pcs) + Storage Bag

First off, we have a tow strap kit from All-Top. The tow strap is 3 inches wide and 30 feet in length. For any type of off-road adventures, this is a kit that you can trust.

Weight capacity is a vital part of a tow strap. This one can handle a hefty 32000 pounds without breaking, which is remarkable. And thanks to that, this strap is an easy choice for some like a 4×4.

It does not end at that. What makes the strap even better is that it comes with 22% elasticity rating. Elasticity helps reduce the chances of accidents, absorbs shock, and enhances longevity.

Lastly, it features quality nylon webbing that is weatherproof and water-resistant. It ensures that the strap can endure any situation with ease. Moreover, the reinforced edges play a role in its strength too.

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2. GearAmerica Recovery Tow Straps Review

GearAmerica Recovery 2PK Tow Straps 4' x 30' | Ultra Heavy Duty 45000 lbs (22T) Strength | Triple Reinforced Loops + Protective Sleeves | Emergency Towing | Storage Bag + Tie

Next up, we have a strong 4-inch wide tow strap. And thanks to this width, the breaking capacity for this strap goes up to a mind-blowing 45000 lbs. That is more than most of us will probably ever need.

However, it does not just act as a tow strap. You can use it as a recovery strap or even a winch extension strap. That makes it a versatile tool to own.

The fantastic load-bearing capacity also ensures that you can tow large trucks, move some heavy, large debris, and anything of sorts. Be it for an off-roader, or someone working in an emergency response situation – this works.

To make things even better, it features reinforced eyes and protective sleeves. With these, the strap can endure a lot of tension without breaking a sweat.  To top it off, it also is weather resistant.

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3. Sunferno Recovery Tow Strap Review

Sunferno Recovery Tow Strap 35000lb - Recover Your Vehicle Stuck in Mud/Snow - Heavy Duty 3' x 20' Winch Snatch Strap - Protective Loops, Water-Resistant - Off Road Truck Accessory - Bonus Storage Bag

Our next favorite product is a rather eye-catching one from Sunferno. First, the eye-catching part. Having a tow that ensures high visibility can be quite helpful in so many ways (e.g., using it in the dusk).

And the manufacturers of this strap understand that. That is why it comes in a neon green color to improve visibility. Now, two of the most important bits — the strength and longevity.

This strap also comes with protective loops, which help improve safety as well. Moreover, a tow strap might be needed in any condition. Hence, its water-resistance comes into play to tackle any harsh weather or terrain.

Furthermore, its breaking capacity stands at around 35000 lb. Therefore, it should be more than enough for most of your needs and necessities, be it to move trucks or tree logs.

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4. JACO TowPro Recovery Tow Strap Review

JACO 4X4 TowPro Recovery Tow Strap (3' x 30 ft)

As with most of the remarkable straps on our list, we have another strap that crosses the 30000 lb. mark with its breaking capacity. This time, it’s from the renowned brand Jaco.

This strap is 3 inches wide, meaning that it will be able to hold on to massive objects and vehicles without any worries of breaking. The build quality is just as good to complement that.

It is made of 90% military-grade polyester and 10% nylon. These give the strap a premium soft feeling while maintaining its robustness during heavy-duty workloads. The way the polyester its woven also helps with the integrity.

Additionally, a strap needs a little bit of elasticity to help it absorb shock and any impact. This product ticks that box too. It allows a stretch of around 7%, which is around the sweet spot.

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5. Neiko Heavy Duty Tow Strap Review

Neiko 51005A Heavy Duty Tow Strap with Safety Hooks | 2” x 20’ | 10,000 LB Capacity | Polyester

For our fifth tow strap, we have a 2 inches wide one from Neiko. Why 2 inches, you might ask. Well, not everyone needs a large, heavy tow strap that can move a gigantic truck on off-road terrains.

Some of us might need a compact and inexpensive product that can still withstand heavy-duty tasks and hold its own. Therefore, we have chosen our next tow strap with that need in mind.

When it comes to the breaking strength, this strap can handle a pretty hefty 10000 lb. without breaking. And this limit is enough for any kind of roadside emergencies.

It comes in a bright yellow color to boost visibility. Moreover, the durable and quality material used in this strap makes it resistant to any weather, securing it from any issues like shrinking.

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6. JCHL Tow Strap with Hooks Recovery Strap Review

JCHL Tow Strap Heavy Duty with Hooks 2”x20’ 15,000LB Recovery Strap 6,8 Tons Towing Strap with Safety Hooks Polyester

We are continuing the trend of affordable and lighter straps that still manage to pull off a lot of heavy-duty workloads. This time, it is a tow strap from JCHL.

In terms of the length and width, this strap is 2 inches wide and 20 feet long. As expected from an excellent 2-inch strap, its breaking capacity goes up to a remarkable point of 15000 lb.

Therefore, you can use this strap for vehicles like pickups or SUVs. It also comes with two quality hooks that can hold their own during tough jobs. And the premium storage bag that it comes in is something we appreciate too. 

Additionally, being able to withstand any weather is a necessity for a product like this. And this one does not disappoint. This strap is water-resistant, and it can endure harsh climates pretty well.

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7. Motormic Tow Strap Recovery Kit Review

motormic Tow Strap Recovery Kit - 3' x 30ft (30,000 lbs.) Rope + 3/4' D Ring Shackles (2pcs.) + Storage Bag - Heavy Duty Straps for Winch - Truck, Car, ATV, Off Road Vehicle Towing

Time to get back to the heavier straps that seem like they can move mountains. This time, we have a sturdy tow strap recovery kit that goes 30 feet in length.

It is made of high-grade materials that have reinforced eyes and protective sleeves. These allow the strap to stay strong even when under a lot of tension and avoid any wears. But that is not the most remarkable side.

What will blow you away is the breaking capacity. Its breaking strength goes up to a massive weight of 41000 lb, which calculates to around 20 tons. With one of these, you can pull humongous trucks and heavy equipment with ease. 

And obviously, if you are an off-roader that needs a higher capacity strap, this is appropriate for you. To make the deal even better, it comes with the necessary accessories and a tool bag.

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8. Usway Gear Recovery Tow Strap Review

USWAY GEAR 3' x 30ft Recovery Tow Strap - 30.000 LBS (15 US TON) Rated Capacity Heavy Duty Tow Strap with Triple Reinforced Loops + Protective Sleeves + Free Storage Bag | Emergency Towing Rope

A versatile product that does a well-rounded job is always appreciated. The strap we have for you at this point does that. You can use it to tow trucks or cars out of mud, snow or sand. Also use it snowmobile lift

The strength of this strap should be somewhat credited to the quality materials used in it. It uses high-quality polyester with reinforced loops that improve its strength and toughness.

Moreover, this strap is resistant to water and moisture, meaning you do not have to worry about its quality deteriorating. And now for the length and width. It is 3 inches wide with an optimal length of 30 feet.

Its build quality and width allows it to reach a working load of 10000 lb. and a breaking capacity of an impressive 30000 lb, which stands around 15 US tons.

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9. Rocket Straps Heavy Duty Tow Strap Review

Rocket Straps - 3' x 30' Heavy Duty Tow Strap | 30,000 LBS Rated Capacity Recovery Strap | Vehicle Tow Straps with Protected Loop Ends | Emergency Off Road Truck Accessories Towing Rope | Storage Bag

A lot of tow straps provide you with an impressive performance. But in a lot of cases, the price tag goes a bit over your budget. The strap that we will be talking about next hits a sweet spot between price and performance.

First, let’s talk about the most important bits. This one goes 30 feet in length, which might come pretty handy for situations where a longer strap is needed.

Furthermore, its weight-bearing capacity hits a remarkable peak of 30000 pounds, making it more suitable for any situation that you may face. Moreover, this strap is resistant to water and hostile climate. Hence, it will not remain damp and soggy.

The high-end polyester that its made of is flexible and boasts reinforced looped ends helps with durability. Not to mention that it comes in a nice little carrying bag too.

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10. Rhino USA Recovery Tow Strap Review

rhino usa recovery tow strap 3 x 20ft

We are at the end of the list along with a mandatory last but not the least. Our list ends on a high note with a product that features a quality poly/silk webbing and high-quality protective sleeves.

This method of manufacturing helps boost the weight-bearing capacity and toughness of a tow strap. To help you store and carry it easily, it also comes in a well-built bag.

In terms of dimensions, this strap covers three inches in width and twenty feet in length. The length and width are pretty standard for a tow strap. And the weight-bearing capacity is remarkable with an enormous 31000 pounds of break strength. 

As expected from a strap of this quality, this one is weather resistant — meaning that you can rely on it for any of your off-road adventures, no matter where and when.

Heavy Duty Tow Straps Buying Guide

We do realize that choosing a tow strap might not be a cakewalk. To make the process straightforward, here are some things to look out for.

1. Length And Width

The width and length of a tow strap play a significant role in deciding how the endurance is going to be. For instance, to get you into the ballpark, you should have an inch of width for around every 10000 pounds of breaking strength (2 inches for 20000 lb. and so on). 

2. Weight Capacity

This part is paramount to ensure that you are getting the right tow strap for a vehicle. You might also be using it for recreational activities like water sports; we will talk about that too.

But first, let’s talk about how much weight it can take (also known as breaking capacity). You will find that it is measured in pounds (e.g., 10000 pounds, 20000 pounds).

Make sure that it will be able to pull your vehicle without exceeding the breaking capacity. And if you are using tow straps for water sports, buy one depending on how many people are going to use it at once.

3. The Hooks

As you can imagine, a lot of a tow strap’s strength relies on having hooks of a high standard. When choosing a strap, try to ensure that the hooks are sturdy and can handle a lot of pressure.

Moreover, the materials used for making the hooks should be high in quality and strength, so that they last a long time without any hiccups midway.

4. The Durability Of The Materials

Of course, this is something that is just as significant for a tow strap. First, the durability of the polyester itself needs to be impressive. Without that, the whole thing crumbles. 

A lot of manufacturers mix in a little bit of nylon with the polyester to add a little elasticity. Doing that can help improve the strap’s shock absorption, so it is generally a good thing. 


A tow strap bears a heavy burden (both of your expectation and the vehicle), and it needs to be a trustworthy companion that will rescue you when in trouble. Moreover, the price point needs to be well within your reach, as well.

These heavy duty tow straps that we have included in our list are long-lasting, use quality materials, and do their job well. Choose whichever suits you the most, and ride along to your adventures. 

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