Ways To Paint Your Walls

On the off chance that you have a feeling that your home’s decor has become boring or stale and need a boost, painting your walls is the way to go to make your home or room look fresh and warm again. With the apparently wide range of painting techniques accessible nowadays, there is nothing to limit you to wanting to make your home’s appearance better and welcoming by incorporating the many decorative painting skills to your wall layout.

Creative Wall Painting Ideas For Walls

The thoughts are all you’ll have to give any room in your home a crisp and welcoming vibe, regardless of your tasteful leanings or style sensibilities. Some of the painting techniques include;

1. Wall stenciling

wall stenciling

Wall stenciling is an easy and simple painting technique which is less costly since you don’t have to hire an expert to do it. Painting your walls with stencils is an experience that is rewarding. While it takes an expert to layout a decent stencil, stenciling itself is a basic procedure that doesn’t require an experienced person. Truth be told, basically, anybody can stencil if you can hold a roller or a brush.

You can redo your walls stylistic layout with your preferred mix of paint hues and wall stencil designs. Additionally, in contrast to wallpapers, wall stencils are great and safe for your walls. Stenciling adds an intriguing sophisticated look to your rooms, all you need is to purchase a stencil that strikes your taste and preference.

2. Sponging

wall sponging

It’s a painting technique that requires a sponge or a paint roller which is spongy to add a refreshed texture. It’s very simple to execute and doesn’t require painting expertise. It is a fun project for the entire family to take an interest in. The sponge painting technique is a super quick, and an amazingly simple way to get proficient looking outcomes. Additionally, the result of the sponging technique is significantly more modern and sophisticated than most traditional painting techniques.

3. Stripes

wall stripes

Stripes are an old stylistic staple that always consistently looks new and never stops being stylish. In addition, there are limitless approaches to include them. Slim, unpretentious stripes will add a warm texture and a great visual look while bold and big differentiating stripes, add more visual style. Stripes look brilliant in a wall in a big room or covering most walls in a little room, like a washroom. When you’re choosing where and how to paint stripes, you should pick between vertical or horizontal stripes

4. Color wash

wall color wash

color wash also known as a broken finish painting technique. it can bring real old-world appeal to any room, making it feel as though it’s weathered overtime. However, it’s incredibly easy to do. Simply apply a slight, translucent coating over a differentiating base shading and use fluffy brush strokes to create a smooth, delicate surface. It’s an extraordinary look in a kitchen, master suite or family room. It is a great painting technique that adds depth and texture to your space. It is an easy way to apply paint to your walls. Begin by coating your walls with a satin base paint. Use a large brush paint on top of it with a nice glaze. It is a very dynamic technique for painting walls.

5. Strie

wall strie painting

Prior to latex and rollers, paint was a heavy emulsion that was tedious. bristle imprints were regularly obvious, and they turned out to be progressively popular as years went by. The Strie strategy imitates the appearance of hundreds of years old paint changed by sun and dust. It’s made by dragging a paintbrush through the coating to make fiber marks that uncover the base shading. Strie is likewise termed as dragging.

6. Rag rolling

rag rolling

Rag rolling is similarly as it appears it’s a work of art method that includes rolling a cloth up and down damp. What’s especially pleasant about this though is that it’s unpretentious enough to be applied to any stylish without infringing on the general layout. Rag rolling is a widely preferred painting technique because of its intriguing illusion of texture and depth. It brings a look and feels in your style that is not normal for some other painting ways. Rag rolling is a super quick and amazingly simple way to get a proficient looking outcome.

7. Marbling

wall marbling

The rich shading varieties and mind-boggling patterns of common marble are the motivation for this painting technique. Marbleizing is a procedure of layering tinted coats over a base coat to create the presence of genuine marble. you can use it to upgrade tabletops, fireplaces and obviously, walls. It takes some effort and time, yet with less practice, you can accomplish effects that are outstanding.

8. Polka dots

polka dots

In case you’re not amazingly inclined, however, are focused on refreshing your room individually, at that point take a stab at including some inside flair by the method of polka dots. They are simpler to apply, and they’ll immediately lighten any space they’re in. The interestingly appropriate for kids’ room.

9. Metallic

wall metallic painting

For a genuinely outstanding update, metallic paint. The metallic paint beauty is that there are a million and one different ways to apply it. You can paint your whole room a metallic tone to create a stylish mode expression, or you can apply metallic accents for an increasingly layered look.

10. Checkerboard

checkerboard painting

Painting walls with the technique of checkerboard patterns brings a lot of style and life to your house while fading away from the requirement for the included stylistic theme. Far better, there are endless approaches to do it. You can paint checkers in comparative neutral hues for a textural subtle effect. on the other hand, you can make an in-vogue splash by deciding on contrasts that are bold.


When you’re upgrading a room, color might be the clearest approach to spruce up a wall, yet it’s by all account not the only way. With the correct painting method, you can add dimension and texture to your walls that certainly makes them stand out. Since there are a wide range of painting methods that function admirably on walls, it’s essential to consider the room that you’re painting and how sensational a look you need to pick the correct technique and finish.

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