Best Felling Wedges For 2021 [Updated]

by Lucas Lee

Felling wedges are one of those wondrous inventions that are small and we have to admit, amazingly useful. When the skyscraper of trees requires falling in the right direction after being cut, what do you think is responsible for the safe landing? That is right! Such a small device, yet it carries the load of the various trees like it is no big deal.

Therefore, this brings us here to crack down the confusion in finding the perfect felling wedge for the job. It is not easy my friend, for the numerous brands, offer hundreds of these little magic beans. And wood cutting wedges should not be purchased when the mind is distracted and crazy with pickles.

Let us check them out then!

Top 5 Best Felling Wedges Reviews

Top 5 Best Felling Wedges Reviews
Top 5 Best Felling Wedges Reviews

We have chosen these five felling wedges among the many hundreds after the comprehensive quest. This will certainly ease your search for a piece of cake!

1. Timber Savage 5.5 Inch Felling Wedge Review

Timber Savage 5.5 Inch Felling Wedge Chain Saw Logging Supplies Set Of 4
Timber Savage 5.5 Inch Felling Wedge Chain Saw Logging Supplies Set Of 4

These double tapered felling wedges of four are the problem solver for a feller who wishes to take down medium to small trees. Each of the devices is polycarbonate built that can resist tremendously to load and impact. Timber Savage has made sure the wedges weigh very less for convenient portability.

Likewise, it does not just hold steady under heavy load but also proves to be highly efficient when carrying. The 90g weight will not break down under loaded pressure. Every small-sized body comes with one barbed surface against a smooth side. It, as a result, accomplishes the operation without disrupting the calculated felling direction.

Most importantly, the users loved using the set without compromising any safety issue. That is saying something, right?

Not to mention, you will no longer have to worry about pinching of chainsaw bar as long as you have this kit. It also includes extra guiding wedges for accurately directing the tree toward the felling path.

However, the only problem is that the 5.5" wedges are not a good choice when cutting large trees. You will have to move on to the following products if you are looking for bigger units.


  • Excellent stability under heavy load
  • Ease of portability
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Bright orange for better visibility
  • Superb at directed felling
  • Prevents chainsaw bar pinching


  • The size is not suitable for bigger trees
  • Limited longevity

2. TIPU 4-Pack Felling Wedge Review

TIPU Felling Wedge, 4 Pack: 8'(2-Pack)/5.5'(2-Pack), Tree Felling Wedge For Tree Cutting, Logging Wedges Set For Chain Saw
TIPU Felling Wedge, 4 Pack: 8'(2-Pack)/5.5'(2-Pack), Tree Felling Wedge For Tree Cutting, Logging Wedges Set For Chain Saw

This 4-pack felling wedge does not focus simply on one size. It contains two 5.5" and the other two of 8" for felling and bucking advantages. Nevertheless, it is not a good idea to apply them during splitting woods.

The reason for its long-lasting sturdiness is due to the PA6-GF30 polycarbonate. It ensures tolerance towards the heavy impact of hammering and the substantial pressure load of the tree.

TIPU brand has received a lot of positive remarks in regards to its high-quality felling wedges. That is why this product is known to be a good choice for large to medium tree felling or bucking.

Another reason for its gaining popularity is the amount of accuracy a feller can obtain by operating these wedges. You can control the falling direction right away after driving in the wedges.

So, they stay put right where you whack them in because of the external barbs on one side, smooth on the other. The tree, as a result, can be lifted toward the notched direction without a hassle.

With rigid constancy and the ability to endure hefty weight, we think they are more effective when felling small to medium trees better than the larger ones.


  • Varied size for versatile operation
  • Highly dense material for durability and longevity
  • Spikes for a steady hold
  • The design enhances safety
  • Prevents chainsaw teeth pinching
  • Reasonably priced


  • Possibility of chipping

3. Parts 4 Outdoor ABS Logging Bucking Felling Wedge Review

Parts 4 Outdoor 4 Pack Of 5.5' Tree Felling WEDGEUSA Made ABS Logging Bucking Falling Felling Wedge
Parts 4 Outdoor 4 Pack Of 5.5' Tree Felling WEDGEUSA Made ABS Logging Bucking Falling Felling Wedge

What truly stands out in this product? Well, the reason we have included this item to our list is because of the superior power that can undergo pressing load effortlessly.

Due to that, parts 4 Outdoor provides some of the best-constructed wedges required to achieve felling and bucking tasks precisely. You can rest assured of the quality built for each 5.5" wedge is made from ABS heavily dense plastic.

Therefore, the strength and pressure endurance they promise is undeniably optimal. The premium quality, thus, has resistance against the destructive bearing, weather, and temperature.

You do not have to worry about accidental crack or break of the bundle. This also means the smooth elimination of pinching as the tree falls in the projected path.

The angular spikes arrangement on one side of the wedge surface will continue to hold its position even under deep pressure when driven into the kerf.

This is why it is, overall, a perfect set that can deliver a precise balance between amazing service and cost, adding extra value to the wedging collection.


  • Simple but highly efficient
  • Optimum capability for carrying the load
  • Longevity due to premium material
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry, compact
  • Best for small felling trees
  • Maximum safety measure attainment
  • Cost-effective


  • Not for larger trees

4. Felled Spiked Tree Felling Wedges for Review

Felled Spiked Tree Felling Wedges For Tree Cutting - 10in Orange Plastic Felling Wedge, Logging Tools - 2 Pack
Felled Spiked Tree Felling Wedges For Tree Cutting - 10in Orange Plastic Felling Wedge, Logging Tools - 2 Pack

Felled Spiked Tree Felling Wedges are the most heavy-duty damage resisting items we have come across so far. It will prevent any accidental injury when felling trees.

Most importantly, these 10" dual wedges feature long-lasting, and extremely durable plastic material that will not let you down. Each is able to endure wearing and high temperatures without a problem.

The brightly colored wedges come with 9 sloping spikes on one side. It delivers a firm grip when under heavy load. And best of all, it will guide the trees in the intended direction for accurate felling.

Each incorporated wedge will support the tree pushing away from the center of gravity with amazing power. This motorized force is what carries the tree fall towards the given path.

Whether you use them for bucking or felling, the result you achieve will not disappoint you in the slightest! We only ask you to be careful while applying them.

They are a bit on the heavy side, so make sure to take precautions in feet during application.


  • The spikes prevent distorting the position
  • Best for bucking and felling trees
  • Extremely durable for long-term use
  • Allows bucking also on uneven grounds
  • Usability for continuous hours
  • Lifts the tree to fall in the guided path
  • Bright orange color easy to locate when dropped


  • The spikes make it difficult to relocate wedges when needed

5. Timber Tuff 12-Inch Plastic Felling Wedge Review

Timber Tuff TMB-12W 12-Inch Plastic Felling Wedge, 2-Pack
Timber Tuff TMB-12W 12-Inch Plastic Felling Wedge, 2-Pack

Our final choice is slightly different than the rest, thanks to the unique light green color that is easy to find among other tools.

However, some have wished it were of the conventional orange as the green could blend in with the forest grass floor.

On the other hand, the set is made from polycarbonate that most professional loggers prefer. That means the 12" big wedges are never going to chip when used repeatedly.

Each one of them will stay stabilized in one place when you drive them in. They might not be as lightweight as smaller versions of similar products. Timber Tuff checks almost all the primary boxes imperative in a felling wedge.

This is why it is a product you can approach without any hesitation while felling large trees.

The serrated side of the wedge means no budging of the unit when under tremendous load. Felling larger trees pose dangerous risks if the path is misdirected.

This is why the TMB-12W model wedge provides all the supports it can to help guide the felling tree according to the notched bearing. If you are looking for wedges to cut down big trees, this will not fail you.


  • Serrated spikes for secure stability
  • Suitable for felling large trees
  • Bright green appearance for uniqueness
  • Sufficiently long and thick for bigger diameters
  • Effective performance
  • Durable within an affordable price


  • Spikes are too hard to drive in

How To Pick The Best Felling Wedges

How To Pick The Best Felling Wedges
How To Pick The Best Felling Wedges

Some may think what is there to know about a simply constructed wedge? It is no light matter, let us remind you because the safety of the whole crew could depend on it. So here goes a few major factors.


Most felling wedges come with an ABS plastic body that imparts enough balance. They also carry out the contacting point softly.

Plastic wedges that incorporate metalheads, on the other hand, offer further safety. However, they are rather high in price.

Also, keep in mind that polymer bodies are very convenient to attain safer cuts when both the wedge and chainsaw move in the same path. Any accidental contact would not damage the chainsaw teeth.

But wooden, aluminum, or steel ones could seriously impair the teeth upon sudden graze.


The size of the wedging will come in various numbers, but the common ones start from 5.5", ending with 20" in length.

Of course, the longer the length, the higher the mechanical advantage of felling a tree. Different sized trees would also require different lengths of wedges.

But the thing is, there is no specified measure for a particular task. In fact, the whole felling job will need a combination of different sizes of wedges.

Tapering And Spike

Spikes are the addition to the modern functional wedges where each device features about 9 to 11 preferable spikes. They provide a better grip to engage in the wood.

There are three kinds of tapered wedges you will find. Most commonly available are the single and double ones, meaning one that features a single-sided slope whereas the other, with slopes on both sides.

The triple tapering has the slope starting from the halfway.


Have you noticed the colorful exteriors? This is no coincidence. The bright and light surface color always helps the users find the wedge on a floor of grassy and dense forest grounds.

When To Use Felling Wedges

Wedges are operational in many ways. Mainly, they are used to prevent the chainsaw from getting pinched as you make the back cut or felling.

They are also utilized to tip over the tree in a direction you aim it to fall. More than 2 to 3 wedges are usually necessary when working on a bigger tree.

This way, the realignment of the gravity center gets much under control without any resistance. Knowing when to use the wedges is, therefore, crucial to spectacularly fell a tree.

It is best to place the wedge right after the back-cut in order to overcome the slanting forces. The number of wedges you should use would depend on which direction the tree needs to be felled.

How To Wedge A Small Tree

Best Felling Wedges For 2021 [Updated]
Best Felling Wedges For 2021 [Updated]

If the diameter exceeds 8cm to 15cm, you should know that felling wedges are a must.

So, choose the type of undercut best suitable for the tree using a chainsaw. The cut should be on the front and must not go beyond a third of the way through.

Next, leave a few centimeters intact right behind the undercut with proper measurements and angles in check.

Penetrate the rest of the section with the chainsaw all the way to the back of the tree. Quickly stick a 5.5" or 8" wedge through the cut by a few whacks.

Finally, the hammering of the wedge will create enough force to fell the tree in the desired path. Always steer clear of the way and wear safety gear during felling.

Final Verdict

Felling wedges are quite significant in the events of logging jobs. If the process of mastering the cutting or leaning a tree is achieved because you chose it right, you are good to go! Thus, one pack of the best felling wedge is enough to split, log, or buck a tree excellently.

As long as the user knows the precise requirement and tree dynamics, it will influence positively when applying the right wedges. That is why you must not make any mistake when making the exact match. These little ones ought to be of the right size and material according to your job.

Let us hope one of these five distinguished products satisfies you in the long run!

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