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Usually, you will have to get an enormous amount of items in weekly and monthly grocery runs. Even though you will be able to carry them with a cart in the shopping malls, trouble arises in the case of loading and unloading those to and from your car. Well, that is where a personal shopping cart steps in.

And getting a regular cart will not cut it in that case, because you would face difficulties in storing them as they are quite large in size. Well, that is why you should get one of the best folding shopping cart units. However, choosing one of them is where you will struggle a bit. But do not worry as we are here to help!

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Top 10 Best Folding Shopping Cart Reviews

Not all of the units that you will stumble upon on the market will be worthy. Also, not all of them will easy to maneuver either. To ensure that you do not end up getting one of those, we have gone through each of the popular ones and picked only the ones that are easy to maneuver and worth the money. They are as follows:

1. Mac Sports Outdoor Utility Folding Cart Review

Mac Sports WTC-111 Outdoor Utility Wagon, Solid Blue

The shopping carts that can be assembled within seconds are the easiest ones to maneuver around. Well, Mac Sports has one such as that to offer, which is this one.

First of all, the body of the unit has a foldable mechanism. You will be able to make it collapse into something that is just eight inches thick. For that reason, storing it while you are not using it will not be a problem for you.

Aside from that, unfolding the mechanism is pretty easy. You can expand it in just seconds. And when it is expanded, it will have a reasonably sizeable internal capacity. The interior is 32 inches long and 20.1 inches wide. And the total weight capacity of the unit is 150 pounds.

Also, the sidewalls of the unit are of 600D Oxford fabric. The material is resistant to mildew and UV. Alongside that, the fabric is quite durable too. You would not have to worry about it tearing or developing holes over time.

Other than that, the handle that it comes along is adjustable. The length of the handle is about 30.5 inches, which is comparatively large. And there are two cup holders attached to it, which will keep your drinks and beverages secure.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a foldable mechanism
  • Folds to something that is only eight inches thick
  • The overall weight capacity is 150 pounds
  • Features an adjustable handle
  • There are two cup holders on the handle

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2. dbest Heavy Duty Lightweight Collapsible Folding cart Review

dbest products Quik Cart two Wheeled Collapsible Handcart with Blue Lid Rolling Utility with Seat Heavy Duty Lightweight

Having an adjustable handle is a must when it comes to foldable shopping carts. And dbest had factored that in when they were producing this cart for the masses.

To start with, it features a two-wheeled design. The wheels are on the backside, and they roll quite smoothly. Even though they are not that large in size, they are quite capable of rolling on multiple terrains. So moving the unit around will be a pretty easy task for you.

Aside from that, it has a collapsible body. You can collapse it to 3 inches thick, which will make it much easier for you to store it in tight and cramped spaces. And it expands to about 17.5 inches. When it does expand, it does have quite a roomy interior for accommodating a large number of objects.

Also, the unit’s load capacity is eighty pounds, which is reasonably high for the compact body that it has. It also bundles along with a lid that can secure all of the items that are kept inside. You would not have to worry about them falling.

Alongside that, the lid can also hold about 250 pounds of weight. So, you will be able to use it as a step stool or seat.

Highlighted Features

  • Collapses to three inches thick
  • Has a relatively roomy interior
  • Bundles along with a strong lid
  • Can be used as a step stool or seat
  • Capable of accommodating 80 pounds of load

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3. Pipishell Shopping Cart with Dual Swivel Wheels Review

Pipishell Shopping Cart with Dual Swivel Wheels for Groceries - Compact Folding Portable Cart Saves Space - with Adjustable Handle Height - Lightweight Easy to Move Trolley Holds up to 70L/Max 66Ibs

While looking for one of the decent folding shopping carts, you might want something that does resemble a traditional cart. Well, in that case, you should consider this one that Pipishell is offering.

Just like some of the carts that are out there, this one also has an adjustable handle. You can set the handle in three different positions. It is also covered with a thick grip that will make it comfortable for you to hold it and push the unit around.

Aside from that, the unit also has a folding mechanism. You will able to fold into something that is only 3.5 inches long. By doing so, you can easily store it in the back of your trunk. Also, it opens up in just seconds. You will not have to fight it to get it opened.

Other than that, the mid-frame of the unit is made from a sturdy iron tube that makes it achieve a 66 pounds weight capacity. Also, the interior is quite roomy, allowing you to carry a large number of items at ease.

Also, the unit features four wheels on the bottom. There are two large ones on the rear and two small ones on the front that swivel to a full 360 degrees.

Highlighted Features

  • Folds into a very small object
  • Comes with a three-height adjustable handle
  • The handle has a comfortable grip
  • Two of the wheels swivels to a full 360 degrees
  • The mid-frame is of sturdy iron tube

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4. dbest products Bigger Trolley Dolly Review

dbest products Bigger Trolley Dolly, Black Shopping Grocery Foldable Cart

Tired of having small carts? Want something that is bigger and has a large interior capacity? Well, worry no more because dbest has got your back in that regard.

Unlike some of the units, this one bundles a shopping bag that is quite large in size. It has eight different compartments that can accommodate most of the large-sized items with ease. You can also organize your purchased products properly because of having those compartments.

Other than that, the overall weight capacity of the unit is comparatively high too. It can hold about 250 pounds of weight. Even though the weight capacity is high, the unit is relatively lightweight. It also folds into a small shape, making the storing process hassle-free.

Also, the wheels that it boasts is beefy. It has a thick rubber coating, which makes it capable of treading on most of the terrains without any issues. The wheels can also absorb most of the impacts on uneven terrains efficiently.

Alongside that, the bag that it includes is of weatherproof material. It can resist water, snow, and dirt. As a result, no matter how harsh the weather might be, the things you will store inside will be intact.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes a relatively large-sized bag
  • The bag has eight large compartments
  • Comes with two beefy wheels
  • Utilizes weatherproof material for the bag
  • The weight capacity is 250 pounds

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5. Whitmor Utility Durable Folding Shoping Cart Review

Whitmor Utility Durable Folding Design for Easy Storage Shopping Cart

If you are a big fan of the traditional shopping cart design, we have more products for you. And this one that we are going to talk about is by Whitmor.

First of all, the wheels that it features on the bottom has a snap-on design. As a result, you will be able to easily take it apart when you are storing it. They are quite large as well, which will enable them to roll smoothly on various terrains.

Other than that, the body sports a collapsible design. It will shrink down to something that is reasonably small and compact. After taking off the wheels, you should have no trouble at all in the case of storing it in tight spaces.

Alongside that, it is quite easy to assemble as well. You will not require any sort of additional tools, nor will you have to go through any extra hassles to assemble it. Also, the construction is of sturdy steel too. For that reason, the frame of the unit achieves high durability.

Aside from that, the interior of the unit is quite spacious. After being folded, the interior is 13 inches long and 11.63 inches wide.

Highlighted Features

  • The wheels feature a snap-on design
  • Can tread on multiple terrains smoothly
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a spacious interior
  • Made of sturdy steel

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6. FELICON Foldable Utility Folding Shoping Cart Review

Foldable Utility Cart Folding Portable Rolling Crate Handcart with Durable Heavy Duty Plastic Telescoping Handle Collapsible 4 Rotate Wheels for Travel Shopping Moving Luggage Office Use (Black)

Having swiveling wheels on the cart can make maneuvering it around a hassle-free process. And a perfect example of units such as that would be this one from FELICON.

As we have mentioned, the unit sports four swiveling wheels on the bottom. They can swivel to a full 360 degrees, making them ideal for making tight turns. It will be pretty easy for you to change directions while moving the unit around. Also, they have a rubber coating that makes them move without making any sound.

Other than that, the body is of high-quality polypropylene. That construction material does not only make it lightweight but also makes it extremely durable. It will be able to withstand occasional bumps pretty easily.

Alongside that, the handle that it has on the top is of aluminum alloy. It has a proper rustproof coating, which makes it resistant to rusts and corrosions. Also, the body has a folding design, which shrinks the overall size of the unit substantially. As a result, you will be able to store it easily.

Other than that, the unit’s weight capacity is up to par with the carts that are of similar size. It can hold about 110 pounds of item.

Highlighted Features

  • All the four wheels on the bottom swivels
  • The construction is of high-quality polypropylene
  • Lightweight yet exceptionally durable
  • Has the ability to hold 110 pounds of weight
  • Can be folded while storing

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7. PORTAL Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon Review

PORTAL Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon Quad Compact Outdoor Garden Camping Cart with Removable Fabric, Support up to 225 lbs (Grey/Green)

Even though there are plenty of foldable wagons, only a few can hold more than 200 pounds of weight. And this one that is being offered by PORTAL is one of those few.

Let us first talk about the feature that makes it stand apart the most, which is the overall weight capacity. It has the ability to hold a total of 225 pounds of weight. And the handle on the top is quite large too.

Just like the label states, you can fold it in half. It sports a foldable mechanism that will allow you to shrink the wagon’s overall size while you are storing it. For that reason, it will not require that much of space. Also, the unit is pretty lightweight.

Even though the unit is relatively lightweight, the overall construction is reasonably durable. The sidewalls are made of high-density polyester, which can be easily washed by steamer or washing powder. Also, the frame of the unit is of sturdy steel.

Other than that, it features oversized wheels on the bottom. The wheels are seven inches in diameter, which will enable them to traverse on multiple terrains easily. And the front two wheels rotate to a full 360 degrees, allowing you to make quick turns easily.

Highlighted Features

  • The overall weight capacity is a staggering 225 pounds
  • Features a frame of sturdy steel
  • The body is foldable and lightweight
  • Has high-density polyester sidewalls
  • Boasts wheels that are seven inches in diameter

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8. dbest Smart Rolling Multipurpose Folding Cart Review

dbest products Smart Cart Rolling Multipurpose Collapsible Basket Scrapbooking Blackout

An ergonomic handle is a must for shopping carts. Without them, it would be pretty uncomfortable for you to push it around. And dbest had factored that in when they were producing this cart for you.

Unlike some of the average units, this one has a patented design for the handle. It has a non-slip rubber coating, which will make it highly comfortable to hold on to it. Also, it is extendable, which means you will be able to set it up at your preferred height.

Other than that, dbest has implemented a folding mechanism for the body. Because of that, the task of storing it when you are not using it will be pretty easy for you. You can easily cram it inside the trunk of your car.

Besides that, the wheels on the bottom roll quite smoothly. You will have no trouble at all in the case of moving it on different surfaces. Also, it is quite lightweight. It weighs just three pounds but has a weight capacity of 110 pounds.

Lastly, the body is of durable fabric that is reasonably resistant to wearing and terrain. It will be able to accommodate large-sized objects pretty easily.

Highlighted Features

  • Sports an ergonomic handle
  • Can be folded pretty easily
  • Lightweight and durable body
  • Has the capability to accommodate a total of 110 pounds of items
  • The wheels roll smoothly on all surfaces

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9. Mac Sports Steel Double Decker Wagon Review

MacSports MAC Sports-Double Decker (DD-100) Teal, Wagon

The brand Mac Sports is offering an extensive lineup of heavy-duty carts. And this one that we are going to have a look at is not an exception in that regard.

First of all, the interior capacity of the unit is relatively large. As the name suggests, it has a double-decker design. The extendable shelf is 40 inches long and 20 inches wide, providing you more than enough space for accommodating all the items of your grocery run.

Other than that, the frame is made of heavy-duty steel. Hence it gets heavy-duty in its label. It is reasonably sturdy, and the sidewalls are of 600D fabric, which is pretty durable too. You will not have to worry about your items falling off in grocery runs.

Aside from that, the unit is comparatively compact too. It also folds into half, thanks to the folding mechanism that it has. Because of that, you can quickly and easily store it when you are not using it.

Also, it features four beefy wheels on the bottom. Two of them on the front rotate, making it easier for you to make quick turns. And the handle the unit sports is adjustable. It also has a rubber coating that will make it comfortable to hold.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a reasonably large capacity
  • Features two rotatable wheels
  • Sports a double-decker design
  • The handle is adjustable
  • Boasts 600D fabric sidewalls

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10. dbest products Stair Climber Trolley Dolly Review

dbest products Stair Climber Trolley Dolly Folding Grocery Cart 3 wheels Heavy Duty Shopping Hand Truck made for Condos Apartments,39 inch Handle Height, 17.25' x 15.25' x 39.5', Black

We are going to wrap our review section with this unit that is from dbest. If you were on the lookout for a collapsible and portable cart, then you should consider this.

Stair climbing cart implements a collapsible design for the body. Because of that, you will be able to shrink the overall size substantially. And after shrinking the size down, storing it will not be a hassle for you at all.

Other than that, the unit sports a set of three-wheels on the bottom. This unique design of the wheels will make it capable of climbing stairs. So you will not have to carry it while climbing stairs. The wheels are also pretty large, allowing them to traverse through different terrains smoothly.

Alongside that, it comes included with a storage bag. The bag has seven different compartments, making it easier for you to organize the items you are buying. Each of the pockets is quite large in size too. That means you will be able to carry a lot of items. The weight capacity of the unit is 100 pounds.

Lastly, the handle has a thick rubber coating on it. That will make it comfortable for you to hold it and push the cart around.

Highlighted Features

  • Features a unique three-wheel design
  • Can climb stairs
  • The wheels are capable of traversing on multiple terrains
  • Boasts rubber coating on the handle
  • Includes a bag that has seven large compartments

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How To Choose A Shopping Cart

Best Folding Shopping Cart

Before you jump right into buying one of the carts, you will have to keep some factors in mind. Without considering them, it would not be possible for you to scrutinize the units properly. As a result, you will not be able to make an efficient decision. The factors that you should consider are as follows:

Interior Space

First and foremost, you should consider the interior space of the unit. In most of the grocery runs, you will purchase multiple large-sized items. And if your cart does not have the capacity to accommodate all of them, you will have to carry some with your hands, which ruins the purpose of having a cart. That is why you should go for the ones that have a large interior capacity.

Weight Capacity

Even if the cart has a spacious interior, if it can not hold that much weight, you will face difficulties in carrying heavy items. And for most of the grocery runs, you will need to purchase some items that are heavy in general. Keeping that in mind, we would recommend shooting for the ones that have a relatively high weight capacity.


One of the crucial components of a cart is the handle. And in this case, the first thing that you need to consider is whether it is adjustable or not. If it is not, you will not be able to push it easily. Secondly, you need to ensure that it has a rubber coating. Without the rubber coating, you will not be able to hold it comfortably.

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Hopefully, the review section and the buying guide that we included in this article were enough to make it easier for you to choose the best folding shopping cart. That being said, we would like to conclude here by hoping that you can carry out your shopping tasks easily with the one you decide to purchase.

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