Best Friend Picture Frames

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. And what better way to show how much you care about your homeskillet than the perfect set of pictures in a frame? After all, photos convey what words often can’t. Thus, to make your gift-giving experience easy and flawless, we’ve put together a list of the best of the best picture frames.

Go ahead and choose any one of these 15 best friend picture frames and your buddy won’t be disappointed. We’ve kept in mind that every friend has their own quirks and crazes. So our list is not only versatile but a little over-the-top crazy- just the way most BFFs are.

Top 5 Picture Frame You Can Choose From – Comparison Table:

Top 10 Best Friend Picture Frames Reviews

1. Dragon Touch Digital Picture Frame Review

Dragon Touch Digital Picture Frame WiFi 10 inch IPS Touch Screen HD Display, 16GB Storage, Auto-Rotate, Share Photos via App, Email, Cloud - Classic 10

Gone are the days of getting picture frames with glass cases that can shatter with one accidental fall. Besides, why choose to display just one when you and your best buddy have so many amazing photos ? It’s time to go digital with this smart frame hanging on their wall.

This photo frame is the perfect blend of the old and new. You’ll be mistaken if you think it’s like any ordinary frame. It is possible to connect this to a home’s Wi-Fi network and share different photos and videos instantly. With a great storage memory and a 10.1” touch screen display, this is a timeless gift that’ll last as long as the Internet does.

Conventional picture frames can only display one photo at a time. But guess what this one can do? It can store 40,000 photos and can display whichever one you want at any time. While you do need to remove all external devices before resetting the frame, it’s a minor inconvenience compared to the utility.

If your friend is an ardent lover of high-quality photos with great edits, this gift will just put a smile on their face. Since most printed or studio-washed photos don’t have the same pop as the digitally taken ones of today, the results are never satisfactory.

However, with this product, any photo from a digital source can be stored and displayed without compromising the quality.

The pros and cons for this particular item includes-


  • It has a 10.1” touch screen with an HD display
  • The Auto-rotate setting enables you to choose either portrait or landscape mode
  • Video clips up to 30 seconds
  • Has a slideshow mode and options for customizing brightness, on/off or even set alarms
  • No PC or laptop is required to use this frame


  • It has no built-in battery so you have to keep it plugged in
  • Difficult to set up

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2. Giftgarden Friends Picture Frame Review

Giftgarden 4x6 Picture Frames Set of 8, Display 4x6 Pictures with Mat or 5x7 without Mat for Wall Decor or Tabletop Display, Black

Is your bestie an old soul? Do they love traditional things more than the hustle and bustle of the tech-based life of today? Then this is probably more suited to their taste. It’s a set of ten picture frames with a wooden design that’s sure to earn you some brownie points.

Whether it’s for a birthday or a house-warming party, this set of frames is the perfect present. Each of these can display a 4-by-6 inch photograph. They’ve got a white mat set into the frame to make the images stand out and look classy.

Moreover, since there are multiple ones in the package, your friend can easily set them up in a fashionable layout wherever they want.

Another advantage of getting this set is the price. For the quality and number, it’s at a great budget-friendly price. So if you’re thinking about getting multiple gifts on a tight budget, this is your solution. You don’t even have to buy extra hooks for them. They’re included in the package.

But will this last? Are you sacrificing quality for the price? No need to worry because that’s honestly not the case. These are both lightweight and sturdy. While they aren’t meant for displaying prized possessions or a center art piece, these are perfect for hanging family snaps or memories from a bag-packing trip.

Apart from that, they only come in black, but that’s not an issue since black goes with almost anything.

As for the pros and cons, those include-


  • Budget-friendly
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • You can arrange them in any format or layout as per the room decor
  • Come with a built-in hanger and lock system
  • A white mat is included


  • Not the best quality as it’s made from composite (synthetic) wood
  • Only one color (black) is available

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3. Love-KANKEI Wood Picture Photo Frame Review

Love-KANKEI Wood Picture Photo Frame for Wall Decor 26×29 inch with 30 Clips and Adjustable Twines Collage Artworks Prints Multi Pictures Organizer and Hanging Display Frames Carbonized Black

If by any chance, your partner in crime happens to be a DIY-lover or a fan of the rustic-chic aesthetic, this is something they’ll love. With this wooden multi-photo display, the atmosphere of any room can be easily lifted. It’s suitable for artworks and other crafts and can be easily changed in format whenever one feels like it.

From photos of friends and family to gift cards, postcards and prints of your favorite art pieces, anything can be hung up to show off to the world. That’s the beauty of this product. There are about 6 inches of space in between each rope and the wood length is 26 inches. This is almost like having your personal story-telling quilt in a modern form.

So what does this exactly come with? You’ll be getting 5 twine cords, 30 clothe-pins to hang the photos and 6 short wooden pieces for display. The assembly is super easy. All that’s needed to be done is connect the wood pieces, make a frame and hang it on the wall after attaching the mounting hardware.

Do it with your friend as a fun activity and make the piece even more special! The torched wood finish of the paulownia wood makes is the perfect setup for Polaroid photos. As a result, it’s possible to hang this up both horizontally and vertically.

Also, a bonus is that it comes with an elegant black gift box. So you don’t have to go look for one by yourself.

Now for the basic pros and cons of this:


  • Able to display many photos (25-30)
  • Has a great versatility
  • Lightweight and made of real wood
  • Everything needed to set it up is included in the box with instruction
  • The price is very reasonable


  • The photos might curl depending on what the print material is
  • Not suitable to hang too many images

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4. Calenzana Picture Frames Sparkle Glass Photo Frame Review

Calenzana 8x10 Picture Frames Sparkle Glass Photo Frame, Freestanding, 8 x 10 inch, 2 Pack

Who doesn’t love a little sparkle and bling in their lives? This sparkly photo display case is probably the best one in terms of price-to-quality ratio. It’s so extra that it’ll fit right in at a nice little corner of the house with some complimentary flowers in a vase.

This frame, unlike the others we’ve reviewed so far, is made of glass and definitely not rustic-chic. Its crystal-clear border has just the right amount of silvery glitter on it. You’ll agree that this looks way more expensive than it really is. For the precious photos that you and your partner in crime have together, it will be the perfect one.

Although it doesn’t come with a hanging hook, there’s a kickstand at the back to set it up at a tabletop. Do keep in mind that this is not as sturdy as a wooden frame and needs gentle handling. So you can’t put it anywhere the pets or kids might bump into it.

On the bright side, this is not cheap-looking so it’s well worth framing different certificates or treasured pieces.

This has been made to hold an 8×10 inches photograph. The entire frame size is about 9.9×12 inches. A turning button is present on the rear part to enable you to change photos or add one easily.

In this package, two frames will be included so your friend can keep them in separate locations. If you do choose this set of two elegant frames, the pros and cons would be-


  • This is made of glass
  • Looks elegant and tasteful
  • Comes with a proper kickstand
  • Includes two frames in a package
  • It has a mirrored edge and sleek finish
  • Can be placed either horizontally or vertically


  • A bit fragile so can’t be placed just anywhere
  • Comes without a hanging hoop to place on a wall

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5. Americanflat Black Picture Frame Review

Americanflat 11x14 Black Picture Frame with Shatter-Resistant Glass - Displays 8x10 Photos with Mat or 11x14 without Mat

This is a stunning black frame that’s classy and timeless, just like good memories. The very company tells you a lot about what the quality of this product is supposed to be like. You can hang 8×10 inch photos in this case and it’ll show off the clean white mat in the back.

At the same time, if you insist on displaying a bigger image, it has enough room for a photo that’s 13 ½ by 10 ½ in size. It’s possible to cut the mat or get one that suits your needs.

Do not mistake this for an acrylic case. It’s real glass so it needs proper handling. It comes with all the hanging hardware needed to mount this up on a wall. But if you’re looking for something to put on a table, this is probably not what you want. You can keep it leaning on something or make a DIY kickstand for it though.

This is a very sturdy picture frame and has rotating brackets on top of the backing that slides under the frame easily. Bendable tabs are present that securely hold this in place. The hardware it comes with includes some wire and screws instead of a cheap hanging rope. So it’s definitely high quality.

If your friend is a lover of some good photography, this will be much appreciated. No doubt, professional photographers are always looking for some good frames. And this one only costs less than 20 bucks. It’s definitely suited for a classic studio/gallery aesthetic.

To sum it up, the pros and cons for this would be the following-


  • Made of good quality wood and has bendable tabs at the back
  • Comes with a wire and screws for hanging
  • The real glass case gives it a very expensive look
  • Big enough for large images
  • Resizable inside mat
  • It comes in a protective packaging and a movable hanger to adjust the frame


  • Doesn’t come with any stand
  • Lack of enough depth for holding canvas paintings or any thick life magazine

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6. BSIMB Digital Picture Frame Review

BSIMB 16GB Digital Picture Frame WiFi Digital Photo Frame 1067x800 Remote Control Auto-Rotate Motion Sensor Send Photos/Videos from iOS & Android App/Twitter/Facebook/Email W09(9 Inch)

Is your friend obsessed with updating her images on Instagram or Facebook every day? Do you guys have way too many perfect photos to frame in one case? Then it’s best if you get him/her this as a special present. With a feature to control the photos and update them anytime from your IOS or Android phone, this will be a pleasant surprise.

The screen size of this frame is 7.1×5.3 inches with an awesome resolution of 1067×800 and a traditional aspect ratio of 4:3. You can hang this on a wall or put it on a table while the photos are displayed in either portrait or landscape mode. This 9-inch thick wood-grained frame only needs one Lithium metal battery to run.

Furthermore, there’s a motion detection feature in this that lets it save power. Whenever someone approaches the frame, it lights up and otherwise stays in sleep mode.

The photos can be viewed simply by connecting your phone to the wireless network. So there’s no need to use a USB or SD card nor it is necessary to download the images.

All in all, it’s a well-thought-out product that’s totally worth the money it costs. What other frame lets you share pictures and videos via Facebook and Twitter? You do need to download the BSIMB Photo app from the Google play store to do this, but that’s no biggie given the convenience.

The touch screen is flawless and offers a clear view of any photo. If you’re still not convinced, just check out the pros and cons of this-


  • It has motion detection and power-save mode
  • Contains 16 GB storage space and a high-resolution touch-screen
  • Can be displayed on a wall or on a table
  • You get to view photos from Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Able to view directly via a wireless connection from an iPhone


  • This is too small to be a centerpiece in a room
  • Expensive

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7. Oak letters Picture Frame Review

Personalized Picture Frame (Natural) with Genuine Felt Letter Board: Customizable Two Picture Frame for Best Friends, Birthdays, Goodbyes, Mothers Day, Grandkids, and More!

Are regular picture frames too basic for your BFF? Then this might be a cute little gift that’s pretty much out of the box. What do you think, is this a photo frame? or a letter board? Well, it’s both. With so many of those influencers using these as their background, your buddy totally wants this.

However, the biggest factor that makes this item stand out from the rest is that it can be customized. Yes, you can make this a totally personalized gift for your loved one or bestie. It comes with a big set of exhaustive characters that include emojis, 160 letters, and many symbols.

And if keeping all this organized is a concern, just use the canvas bag that comes with the set. There are two windows for putting images, which are 6×4 inches each. Since this is made from genuine wood, you’ll notice a very natural finish to the piece.

The felts are of high quality too. Both the frame and backing board are strong and built with wood. There are two sawtooth hooks on the back of this that makes it easy to hang on a wall. It’s also possible to place this on a desk since there’s a balance stand as well.

With this, you can send your friend a message for daily positivity or just customize it to display a special date or time. You tow can totally get creative with this.

This particular item has the following pros and cons as well-


  • Customizable
  • High quality felt and made of good wood
  • It has room for two images
  • Has a stand and two hanging hooks
  • Comes in two sizes and four different colors


  • It’s a bit fragile
  • The frames for the images are smaller than the felt board

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8. Pearhead Besties Baby Picture Frame Review

Pearhead Bestie and Baby Frame, Baby and Pet Keepsake Frame, White

Is your best friend expecting a new member of their family? If yes, this is the one you should get without a second thought. This keepsake frame is perfect for proudly displaying pictures of an adorable little one. You can even choose whichever template of words out of the many options you’d like to get for them.

We recommend getting the one with the bold letters “BESTIES”. For this product, you’ll get to choose out of some layouts. And if you decide to go for the “BESTIES” layout, you’ll get just one slot for display. But some layouts enable more than one window.

Accordingly, the multiple display options for this frame will surely be a joy to fill out. It definitely calls for a creative project. In fact, you can make a DIY photo collage for this frame specifically.

On the other hand, since this is white, it gives a cozy family vibe that greatly portrays the sentiment behind the gift. It’s both thoughtful and stylish. As for the sizes, the bigger display layout offers a 4×6 inches window to put the image.

The smaller ones are wallet size but prefer to go beside the bigger one. You can get customized prints later for those or just buy the large one-slot version. Do note down that this is a bit heavy as a product. So there’s the risk of damage. It is made of glass so that is a matter to consider as well.

However, the quality is amazing and despite being heavy, you can hang it on a wall easily. You just need to use a photo hanger. It’s also possible to use a nail to mount this. Your friend can set this up at a table or put it on a floating shelf in their baby’s nursery since it comes with a folding back easel.

The pros and cons for this item are-


  • Easy-to-read lettering clearly conveys the sentiment behind the gift
  • It’s a glass display
  • Looks elegant and clean
  • Comes with a back easel and can be hanged with a hanger
  • The price is in a good range
  • Multiple options are available for the layout to choose from


  • A bit heavy to hang with a push-pin
  • The smaller slots for images are pretty tiny

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9. Melannco Letter Board with 8-Opening Photo Collage Review

Melannco Customizable Letterboard 8-Opening Photo Collage, 19 x 17 inch, Distressed White

When it comes to choosing gifts for the person who’s always there for you, the bigger the better, right? And with this item, you’re bound to make their day no doubt. This frame of 19×17 inch size will fit right in your friend’s empty wall or workspace.

It’s big and bold, definitely suitable for showcasing all the good memories you’ve had together. With a total of 8 photo display slots in this frame, it’s the next potential centerpiece to your friend’s living room. The letters board in between just makes it even better.

This is not very heavy and can be easily hung on the wall of their dorm room, kitchen or anywhere else. It comes with two saw-hook brackets at the back for easy installation.

Since there’s a set of 144 letters (110 letters, 22 numbers, and 12 symbols) included in the package, this can be customized to suit the occasion. In this product, you’ll get options to display four 4×6 pictures, two 6×4 pictures and two other of 4×4 inch size. The letter board is of decent size as well.

Each of the letters in the set is about an inch big with half an inch width. They’re neatly packed under the frame.

Besides, this is available in three different colors, gray, white and black. The material is plastic and the cover for the photos is glass. However, there’s no covering for the board. But considering how rare stuff like these are, it’s worth getting for someone. And it’s a great value for money.

The basic pros and cons of this are-


  • Big enough to fill a wall as the centerpiece
  • Can be used to show off 8 beautiful photos
  • It’s made of plastic so the frame won’t break easily
  • Great price point
  • Comes with a letter set and customizable


  • Looks cheaper compared to glass or wooden frames
  • The wall mounts only support a landscape layout of the frame

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10. PhotoShare Smart Frame Digital Photo Frame Review

PhotoShare Friends and Family Smart Frame Digital Photo Frame, 1-5 Day Shipping, Send Pics from Phone to Frame, WiFi, 8 GB, Holds Over 5,000 Photos, HD, 1080P, iOS, Android (10.1', Espresso)

If you’re looking for something high-end and over-the-top fancy, this might be it. This is basically a tab-like photo frame meant for setting up neatly at a desk. It’s got so many different features that your friend will be bombarded with surprises.

This is the smartest frame that your buddy is going to own. You can rest assured of its uniqueness because it’s got everything starting from storage memory to alarm features to the music playing options. With so many options to make the photos seem alive, it almost seems like something out of a Harry Potter movie.

Apart from that, there’s a built-in light sensor in this that automatically adjusts its brightness matching with the room’s lighting. It’s the perfect decor item to fit into a room’s ambiance and mood. The screen even displays the date, time and weather. So your friend can know exactly when to take an umbrella to the office and stay updated with current affairs.

It can be set up with the metal easel it comes with or be hung on a wall. The owner can easily control who gets to send and update the photos and videos to this frame. You can display it in an either horizontal or vertical direction as there’s an auto-rotate feature included.

Likewise, a USB and an SD card slot for sharing files are built-in. As for the size, it’s a 10.1-inch frame so it’s not at all a small one.

The pros and cons of getting this as a present are as follows-


  • It’s both freestanding and wall mountable
  • Displays the date, time and weather.
  • Can work as an alarm
  • Music and videos can be shared with this
  • A light sensor is available
  • The background has transition shade options like black, white or none at all


  • Expensive
  • 5GB memory only

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11. Golden State Art Picture Photo Frame Review

Golden State Art, Decorative Hinged Table Desk Top Picture Photo Frame, 3 Vertical Openings, with Real Glass (5x7 Triple, Grey, 1-Pack)

This beautiful piece is the perfect frame to fit into a cozy home. For the lovers of real wood, this will be the winner. It’s a three in one picture display stand that’s made of high-quality MDF. You get to choose any three vertical photos of you and your BFF to show off using this vintage-style frame.

The best things in life are often said to come in threes. And if there’s three of you in the band, why not get something special together? But if that’s not the case, you can still get this for your friend. After all, there’s no such thing as too many selfies up on display, right?

As it comes in grey, it’s going to easily blend in with most room decors and color schemes. The three different slots of each can display a 5×7 inch photo. This is hinged so you won’t have issues keeping this on a table. The product itself is pretty sturdy and will last a long time.

Of course, you’ve got to make sure the front glass cover doesn’t get damaged. In this case, the shape you see is exactly what you’ll get. That means, although the frames are foldable, the shape that’s going to hold naturally is the one in the display.

The hinges might get a bit loose but it’s not something too big of an issue. You can fix that with some screws or glue. And finally, the price point of this is a definite bingo.

Pros and cons of this summed up are-


  • It has three different slots for photos
  • Holds its shape
  • Has a great price point
  • Made of real wood and glass cover
  • Sturdy and foldable


  • The hinges might get loose
  • Not easy to put it in any other shape

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12. BarnwoodUSA Farmhouse Picture Frame Review

BarnwoodUSA | Farmhouse Picture Frame, 2' inch Molding - 100% Up-cycled Reclaimed Wood (18x24, Weathered Gray)

For the friend who’s always trying to make more eco-friendly choices and looking out for the environment, this one’s our special addition to the list. This frame is made of 100% up-cycled reclaimed wood to make sure it’s not just home décor, but a piece of nature that was given new life.

Its rustic style and natural weathered grey color tone will remind you of the mountains and trees outdoors. Similarly, this can fit an 18×24 inch photograph and comes with sawtooth Picture hangers. So, it’s possible to set this up on the wall.

It comes with plexiglass and cardboard backing that’s been pre-installed. Undoubtedly, this is a name brand with a high-end product which makes the price also a bit higher than the rest.

Anything from a rustic red to a whitewashed frame, you’ll get to choose the color and pattern for this. There are six different color options and each one has its own personality. So look out for your bestie’s favorite color and get one that they’ll fall in love with.

Despite those positive aspects, a warning for purchasing this particular product is that you need to check the authenticity of the source. This brand has many counterfeits out there so be careful. The mat inside can be removed to fit a canvas painting that’s about ¾ inch deep.

It can be used to hold both portrait and landscape photos. Although it’s heavy, it can be hung in an either vertical or horizontal manner.

And as for its pros and cons, in general, those would be-


  • Eco-friendly and made of recycled wood
  • Has a natural finish with random nail holes that complement the look
  • Comes with plexiglass and sawtooth hangers
  • Can be displayed both vertically and horizontally
  • Big in size and lots of color options available


  • Expensive
  • The small metal holders can get flimsy with time

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13. Modicum Shiplap Photo Display Board Review

Modicum | Shiplap Photo Display Board - Picture Frame with Clips for 3 Photos (Three 4x6 or Two 4x6 with One 5x7), Easy Quick Change Photo Collage, Hang on Wall or Stand on Tabletop (Rustic White)

This is a great gift item you can give to your buddy who lives near the beach. It’s trendy and suited for a room overlooking any watery shore. In fact, anyone with a shabby chic aesthetic or love for a distressed look in their fashion would be over the moon to get this as a present.

As this is not a regular photo frame, it wins extra points for creativity options and uniqueness of structure. It comes in four different colors and styles. Starting from a modern sleek look to a half-painted wooden style, there are many options to choose from.

You’ll be able to clip on three photos on this board-style frame for the world to see. Three bulldog clips come with the package as well. As this is made of good quality MDF fiberboard and cedarwood veneer, it gives a nice finish and feels.

One can hang this on a wall easily using the sawtooth hooks. It can also be set on a tabletop since there’s an easel stand at the back. This is intended to be able to showcase two horizontal (6×4 inches) and one vertical (5×7 or 4×6 inches) photos at the same time. But if you want to get creative, smaller photos will fit in just fine.

Likewise, the washed coloring on this is going to go with any Bohemian room decor. It’s heavy and sturdy. Changing the images out is a breeze. And the cutest part is that (if you want to add in a personal touch) it’s possible to stick cute stickers or place a sticky note along with the photos. That would just make it extra special.

Boiling it down to the pros and cons, we got the following list-


  • Very trendy and has a bohemian/distressed style to it
  • Can be both displayed on a wall or tabletop
  • Sturdy
  • Made from quality materials and actual wood
  • Comes with bulldog clips for hanging
  • Has room to display three photos


  • It doesn’t have a glass covering
  • Can only be hung in one way

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14. NIX Digital Picture Frame Review

NIX 10.1 Inch Digital Picture Frame (Non-WiFi) - Portrait or Landscape Stand, HD Resolution, Auto-Rotate, Remote Control - Mix Photos and Videos in The Same Slideshow

Black never goes out of style. And this digital frame having its fair share of popularity since 2007, is proof of that. If your friend loves living in style, this will just up to her game. It’s chic, modern and perfect for framing good memories.

The easy plug and play feature lets one set this up in minutes. Whether one puts this on a wall or sets it on a desk, it’ll look amazing. This is a digital frame i.e. it has storage memory along with options to connect with a USB or SD/SDHC memory card. Plus, it’s got an integrated Hu-Motion sensor that turns the screen on and off automatically.

A magnetic remote is included with this frame as well. So you can view your photos in 1280×800 HD quality easily. The display happens to be a 10.1 inch and 16:10 IPS screen with built-in stereo speakers. What other product in the market has that? There’s even a calendar and clock built-in on the device.

Apart from those useful features, one downside to this item is that it doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi networks. But since one can plug in a memory card or USB to the frame, that’s not a problem. The remote enables the owner to shuffle the photos and look at them individually or in a slideshow.

This is a pretty slim frame having a width of just 30 mm. It comes with a power adapter and a cable in the set. A screw kit along with a wall mount guide is also included. If you’re planning to send the gift to your friend via courier, this does have the upper hand in terms of convenience.

They can surely figure out how to work this thing on their own. The pros and cons for this item are-


  • Comes with a motion sensor for saving power
  • The screen is of high-quality display and big size
  • A remote is included
  • Has built-in stereo speakers
  • Can play slideshows and video clips


  • It only runs when it’s plugged in
  • Unable to connect to Wi-Fi

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15. Elegant Signs Relationships Couples Picture Frame Review

Elegant Signs Long Distance Relationships Gifts - Going Away Couples Picture Frame 4x6 for Him or Her - I Love You More Than The Miles Between Us

Love isn’t just something between romantic partners. The love that best friends have is just so precious that it’s on a level of its own. As a result, we know how hard it is to stay away from a loved one. And keeping in mind the sentiment of having a long-distance best friend, we’ve included this very special product on our list.

It’s cute and simple while conveying the perfect message of beating the distance with love and friendship. This is sure to melt anyone’s heart if they receive it. Technically, it’s a frame for couples, but no less appropriate to show how much you love your best friend.

The message “I love you more than the miles between us” printed on an 8×10 inch wood plaque. This item can hold a 4×6 inch photograph. Its cover is made of acrylic to protect the image properly. Your friend can hang this on their bedroom wall or just put it at their desk. It’s light in weight and elegant to fit into any decor style.

Additionally, this has been made to be strong and sturdy so no worries about it getting damaged. The photo can be slid in easily. So there’s no hassle of getting off the glass or bending an edge to replace the image. It’s made in the US and rightly so, has a home-like feel to it.

However, you might smell some chemicals on the product but spraying some perfume on it should do the trick.

The final set of pros and cons for this are-


  • It’s made of real wood and looks stylish
  • Has a cute message on it
  • Can be hung or put on a desk
  • The price is really reasonable
  • Well-built and sturdy
  • Easy to slide in photos


  • The back piece might not be strong enough to hold always
  • It’s not glass-covered and hence, prone to scratches easily

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Final Verdict

It’s so rare to find a friend with the same level of craziness and spunk as you. So when it comes to choosing their gifts, it might get a little hectic. Hence, you can go on and surprise them with one of these presents from our list of best friend picture frames. They won’t be disappointed, we promise.

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