Heavy Duty Car Cover Reviews And Buying Guide

You probably know how big of a dent a paint job can make in your wallet. And no matter how careful you are on the roads, your car is never safe from scratches, dust, UV rays, and other environmental debris. Even if you manage to dodge all the occasional accidents, you might have to opt for a paint job because of those. And for protecting your car from those factors, you would need a car cover.

However, the regular ones cannot really offer a high amount of protection. What you should opt for is the heavy duty car cover. And you will not have to worry about the choosing process one bit because we got you covered in that field.

Top Picks : 5 Heavy Duty Car Cover

Top 5 Heavy Duty Car Cover Reviews

You should not be idle when it comes to choosing a cover for your car. And most of the covers cheap out on the material or have a lower capability of offering protection. To make sure you do not end up getting one of those, we have made a list of the ones that we believe are actually heavy duty. They are:

1. Kayme 6 Layers Car Cover Waterproof Review

Kayme 6 Layers Car Cover Waterproof All Weather for Automobiles, Outdoor Full Cover Rain Sun UV Protection with Zipper Cotton, Universal Fit for Sedan (186'-193')

Reflective fabrics are the most efficient when it comes to resisting UV rays. And Kayme has implemented that kind of material for this cover that they are offering.

First of all, the unit has six individual layers. One of the uppermost layers is reflective aluminum, which will be able to reflect sun rays pretty efficiently. It will also provide a good enough insulation that will keep your car cool on hot summer days.

Moreover, the upper layer is 100 percent waterproof, which will protect your car from the rain. It also does a good enough job in the case of resisting snow. And one of the lower layers is made of thick cotton. That will protect the vehicle paint. You are basically going to get all-round protection after covering your car with this.

As all the layers are made of heavy-duty material, you can expect it to have a high level of durability. It will last for years after years without showing any signs of wear and tear. The unit also has a door zipper on the left side, which will provide you easy access to your vehicle.

Apart from that,  there are windproof straps on the front and the rear. Those will enable it to stay tucked into your car no matter how strong or heavy the winds are. It also has mirror pockets that are quite large in size. Also, you are going to receive six pieces of reflective stripes that will glow in the night.

Highlighted Features

  • Features six individual layers
  • One of the uppermost layers is of reflective aluminum
  • Offers good enough protection from snow
  • The upper layer is 100% waterproof
  • Has mirror pockets

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2. Leader Accessories Breathable Universal Car Cover Review

Leader Accessories Car Cover UV Protection Basic Guard 3 Layer Breathable Dust Proof Universal Fit Full Car Cover Up To 200''

Protection from mildew and allowing the air to flow properly is something that not all of the covers can provide. However, this one that is from Leader Accessories is not one of them.

To start with, Leader Accessories has implemented a non-woven fabric on the topmost layer of the unit. For that reason, it achieves a breathable characteristic. That will let the air flow from the inside to the outside. The breathable fabric will also ensure that mildew does not settle on the surface of the unit, which will enhance its overall lifespan.

Even though the material is breathable, it can resist water exceptionally well. The surface is coated with a waterproof coating, which makes it waterproof. Also, there are multiple straps with a buckle that is in the middle of the unit. You will be able to properly secure it with your car because of that those.

Moreover, the underside of the unit has soft material that will protect the paint from scratches and chippings. It can also provide an adequate amount of protection from UV rays. Your car is basically going to be protected from all the possible factors that can cause damage to the exterior.

Besides that, you would not have to worry about fitting that much either. This comes with elastic hems all around the top and the bottom. Because of that, you will be able to get a snug fit on your car.

Highlighted Features

  • Features non-woven breathable fabric layer
  • Protects from mildew buildup
  • Has a soft layer on the underside
  • Sports a windproof design
  • Comes with elastic hems

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3. Autsop Car Cover Universal A1-3L 6 Layers Review

Autsop Car Cover Waterproof All Weather,6 Layers Car Cover for Automobiles Outdoor Full Cover Sun Hail UV Dust Protection with Zipper, Universal A1-3L(Fits Sedan 171' to 180')

Even though there are plenty of six-layer covers on the market, not all of them actually implement good enough materials to provide all-weather protection. That is where this one from Autsop sets itself apart.

First of all, one of the upper layers of the unit is made of non-woven fabric. That will enable it to resist snow and rain. It also does a good job in the case of resisting dust and dirt. As a result, the inside will remain dry and free of specks of dust.

Other than that, the uppermost side of the unit is reflective. For that reason, it achieves the capability of resisting sun rays and UV lights. As a result, your car will stay cool even if the heat outside is outrageous. Also, the lowest layer is made of soft and thick fabric. That will protect the paint from scratches and chipping.

Additionally, it is windproof as well. It comes with straps on each of the sides, which will enable you to install this securely with your car. Because of that, no matter how heavy the winds might be, the cover will not move an inch. Also, there are sizeable pockets for the side mirrors.

Lastly, you will receive fluorescent strips with the package. Those will glow in the dark, which will let other drivers know that there is a car parked on the road.  Also, it includes a storage bag that will let you safely secure it when you are not using it.

Highlighted Features

  • Protects from harsh sunlight and UV rays
  • Waterproof and snow-proof
  • Has sizable side mirror pockets
  • The lower layer is made of soft fabric
  • Includes a storage bag

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4. Favoto Full Car Cover Universal Fit 5 Layer Review

Favoto Full Car Cover Sedan Cover Universal Fit 177-194 Inch 5 Layer Heavy Duty Sun Protection Waterproof Dustproof Snowproof Windproof Scratch Resistant with Storage Bag Sedan Cover

Are you looking for something that offers a universal fit? Were you searching for something that has elastic edges? Well, look no more because Favoto has got the right thing for you.

First of all, the unit features a universal design, as stated on the label. It will be able to cover most of the cars that are from 177 inches to 195 inches long. Also, it comes with elastic sides, which will make sure that you can properly tuck it on your vehicle. For that reason, you would not have to worry about compatibility that much.

Aside from that, there is a zipper on the driver’s side. That will provide you easy access to the inside. You would not have to take the full cover off just to enter your vehicle. Also, it is pretty easy to put on and take out. It also comes with night stripes, which will reflect at night time.

Moreover, you are going to receive a storage bag with the unit. That will let you properly store it away when you are not using it. And the five layers that it consists of are all made of heavy duty material, which makes it exceptionally sturdy. Also, the lower layer is made of thick cotton that will prevent accidental scratches on the paint.

Besides that, the unit is highly capable of resisting water. It can also resist UV rays efficiently. Because of that, the inside of your car will remain cool on hot summer days.

Highlighted Features

  • All five layers are of heavy-duty materials
  • Implements a universal design
  • Has elastic corners for a snug fit
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Can efficiently resist water, dust, and UV rays

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5. Motor Trend 4-Layer 4-Season Waterproof Cover Review

If you were on the search for something that comes in different sizes and offers all-weather protection, then we might have the right cover for you. And yes, it is being offered by Motor Trend.

To start with, it comes in five different sizes. The size options are small, medium, large, XL, and XL2. Each of them can cover up to 157 inches, 170 inches, 190 inches, 210 inches, and 228 inches, respectively. That means it would be pretty easy for you to get the one that will properly cover the vehicle that you have.

Aside from the size options, all of the units have elastic sides. That means even if you do get one that is a bit larger, you are sure to have a snug and tight fit. Also, those elastic corners are going to ensure that no dust and debris can find a way inside. There is also a securing cable and locking mechanism that will help you get a snug fit.

Apart from that, the unit features a four-layer design. All of the layers that it consists of are constructed of heavy-duty material. For that reason, it is exceptionally sturdy and will not tear or wear down that easily. You can expect to get extended use out of it.

Lastly, the unit is waterproof and can resist UV rays relatively well. It features straps in the middle, which enables it to resist heavy wind. For that reason, you would not have to worry about it moving from its place during storms.

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed of four layers of heavy-duty materials
  • Comes in five different sizes
  • Provides a snug and tight fit
  • Features straps in the middle
  • Dustproof, waterproof, and UV-rays proof

Waterproof Car Cover VS Breathable Dust Proof Car Cover

Even though both the waterproof and breathable covers are for protecting your car from different damages, there are some differences between them. To get a better understanding of the differences, you must know what they are actually ideal for.

  • Waterproof

Most of the waterproof covers are highly capable of resisting water. That means the main function of them is to keep out any sort of liquid and moisture from the surface of your vehicle. However, some of the droplets and dew can still get inside, and condensation may occur. And as these do not let the air and heat inside, these condensations can promote rust and corrosion, which is a downside.

  • Breathable

On the other hand, breathable covers let the air pass through. They will also let some heat pass as well. As a result, the condensation that might occur on the surface will evaporate. Eventually, the chances of corrosion and rust occurring will be relatively low.

  • Things To Consider Before Buying

To get all-round protection for your car, you must select a cover that excels in all criteria. And to get one of those, going through the reviews only would not be enough. You need to follow the factors that we stated below as well.

  • Layers

Most of the covers that are out in the market have four layers. Many of them even have as many as six layers of materials. No matter which one you pick, do make sure that the layers are made of sturdy material. If you happen to get something that is made of low-quality materials, no matter how many layers it has, it will not last that long.

  • Water-resistant And Dustproof

One of the important factors that you would have to consider while buying one of these is whether they are water-resistant or not. By getting one of the water-resistant ones, your car will be fully protected from the rain. Alongside that, do make sure that it is dustproof, or else the surface of the car will be full of dust after you leave it parked for a while.

  • Fit

The last thing that you would have to consider is the fit. If you are not that sure of the size, we recommend going for the universal ones. Those will have elastic straps, which will make sure that you get a snug and tight fit.

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Final Words

If you want to elongate the shine factor and protect the paint of your car, there is really no alternative than to get a heavy duty car cover. And we hope that our review section and buying guide were of help and you finally found a cover that provides your car all-round protection.

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