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Glass breaks easily, it’s expensive, and you have to be careful around it. A great alternative is plexiglass, which is a durable polymer material that doesn’t break easily. Moreover, It looks like glass, but it’s way more affordable and does much more.

Plexiglass comes in handy everywhere. You can use it on windows, picture frames, as a desk separator, and in any DIY project. If you’re wondering where to buy plexiglass, we’ve selected and reviewed ten amazing options available.

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Best 10 Place to Buy Plexiglass

There are many kinds of alternatives for glass on the market, each designed for a varying kind of use. Some people want plexiglass for germ-protection in the office while others use it for art projects.

1. Robosource Polycarbonate Clear Plastic Sheet Review

Polycarbonate Clear Plastic Sheet 12' X 18' X 0.0625' (1/16'), Shatter Resistant, Easier to Cut, Bend, Mold than Plexiglass. For VEX Robots, Hobby, DIY, Industrial, Crafts. Plexiglas Glass Replacement

To start the list, let’s look at this polycarbonate material that’s more flexible than acrylic sheets. It’s much less likely to shatter and is bendable with a thin sheet. You can thermoform it with a heat gun if you’re using a thicker sheet.

Simple tools work just fine in cutting, drilling, and milling this transparent item. Consequently, It is perfectly suitable for personal and professional projects. The material allows 88-90% light to pass through and has decent electrical resistance.

This polycarbonate comes with a transparent sheet you can peel off, which can be  useful for marking during work.

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2. SimbaLux Acrylic Sheet Clear Cast Plexiglass Review

SimbaLux Acrylic Sheet Clear Cast Plexiglass 12” x 12” Square Panel 1/8” Thick (3mm) Pack of 4 Transparent Plastic Plexi Glass Board with Protective Paper for Signs, DIY Display Projects, Craft

SimbaLux sells some of the best transparent plexiglass on the market. It has a Grade A clear finish that doesn’t scratch easily and reflects UV rays. The surface is perfect for engravings and laser printing, and it comes with a protective covering.

You can use tools like electric saws, heat guns, drills, and others to shape the plexiglass sheet as you want. With no boiling point, the material can withstand high friction for a smooth cut.

The product is also highly durable. It’s one of the best plexiglass table top options that does not come with the fear of breakage.

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3. AgoraGraphicsShop Clear Acrylic Safety Shield Review

where to buy plexiglass

Germs can be deadly, and staying safe is a priority in the workplace. This item creates a see-through barrier between you and the person across the desk, ensuring communication and hygiene. It is particularly useful for dentists, receptions, offices, and salons.

Additionally, Cleaning the surface is quite easy. Just use soap and water, or disinfectant, to keep the surface germ-free and pristine. There are several sizes available, depending on your requirements. It’s also lightweight for convenience of placement.

With a thickness of 1/4″, this shield isn’t likely to be damaged easily. And thanks to its stands, installation is a breeze.

4. ORG Premium 1/8” Thick Acrylic Plexiglass Sheet Review

SOURCEONE.ORG Premium 1/8 th Inch Thick Acrylic Plexiglass Sheet

As you’d expect from plexiglass, this thing provides a variety of use. It comes in many colors and is great for DIY projects. This clear material transmits more light than most glass, but the brand is known for the best white plexiglass option.

The build is highly impact-resistant, thanks to its even 1/8” thickness. However, it doesn’t sacrifice maneuverability since it’s very lightweight. The surface has a smooth finish that absorbs very little moisture.

You can use this material for boat and motorcycle windows as well as signage and POP displays. It’s versatile and user-friendly.

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5. CircleoneShop Tabletop Desk Divider Sneeze Guard Review

While sharing a table, you’ll want to make sure you’re safe from germs and diseases. This 24”x24” divider allocates four slots on a tabletop for several people. It has a clear finish that resembles mirrored plexiglass.

The lightweight nature of the material lets you easily carry it around. It is especially suitable for children’s desks, but it works for any small table. The sheet is only 5mm thick, so it doesn’t block too much sound either.

Since hygiene is the issue, cleaning is a breeze as well. Any disinfectant will work well on the surface with a spray or mop.

6. Acrylic Mega Store Clear Acrylic Plexiglass Sheet Review

Clear Acrylic Plexiglass Sheet - 1/8' Thick Cast - 24' x 36'

With a big sheet of acrylic, there’s so much you can do. Be it for an aquarium cover, window replacement, or a plexiglass wall on your desk; this item is widely useful. It’s not quite thick but not too thin either, making it lightweight.

Even though it can handle most wear and tear, cutting and shaping the sheet is easy. You can use tools like a drill or saw to get the size you want. The company has different sizes available too.

Moreover, this material is flexible, but only slightly. You can use it as a tabletop; however, it might scratch easily.

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7. VectorCustoms School Plexiglass Shield Review

best source to buy plexiglass

While keeping distance can be tough in a classroom, you’ll want all the protection you can get. This three-part sneeze shield works as a barrier you can prop up in front of you. It’s lightweight and foldable, and will fit in a backpack easily.

The hinges are very flexible and have the commercial build quality, so they don’t wear down quickly. It’s 3/16” thick, unlike other flimsy products that break on impact. Thanks to balanced weight distribution, the shield doesn’t fall off the table easily.

You can wash its surface with soap and water, and it’s ready for another day’s use.

8. AdirOffice Clear Waterproof Plexiglass Acrylic Sheet Review

best place to buy plexiglass

If you’re looking through plexiglass reviews for something durable yet flexible, you’ve found it. This product bends and resists moderate stress without shattering, which is useful for many people. However, we don’t recommend it for tabletops as those require higher sturdiness.

This package includes three identical, square sheets of plexiglass useful in many DIY and professional projects. The material is transparent, making it a great option for picture frames and desk barriers.

You can cut and modify the panels as you like with garage tools available. Its 1/8” thickness is perfect for most indoor and outdoor uses.

9. Pennzoni Booth Shield DS65L Germ Shield Wall Barrier Review

where to buy plexiglass

Pennzoni offers some great plexiglass office dividers. Among those, this product has five panels of transparent acrylic sheets connected by four hinges. Each panel is six feet tall and two feet wide, enough to shield most office desks.

The hinges between each panel are commercial-grade and highly adjustable. Additionally, this thing even has weight distribution for a steady stance.

If you’re playing music in a corner, you’re far less likely to receive noise complaints with this installation. It has great sound insulation, which many musicians and drummers prefer. Even casual listening won’t be a problem.

10. Pennzoni Booth Shield DS4L Germ Shield Wall Barrier Review

best source to buy plexiglass

Musicians, especially drummers, often need to block sound while practicing but don’t want to put a cubicle in their room. Pennzoni brings you one of the best plexiglass panels for the job. It’s transparent and manages noise well; you can use it in your office too.

This item has four strong hinges that connect five 60” x 24” panels of clear acrylic sheets. It’s a sleek addition to any room but doesn’t stick out. You can fold the panels up when you don’t need them. In practice sessions and office spaces, this plexiglass shield is a great tool as well.

Final Verdict

For a lower price tag, better strength, and great value, plexiglass is the perfect alternative to glass. To help you with where to buy plexiglass, we’ve curated the best options available. No matter what you use it for, you won’t be disappointed.

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