How To Make A Valance Curtain

How to Make a Valance Curtain

Window treatments are one of the things that will not only make your windows feel complete but also will allow you to make your rooms more inviting. And if you have just moved to a new place, opting for a ready-made curtain can sound a little expensive. In that case, you can make a valance … Read more

Best Sheer Curtains For Privacy

best sheer curtains for privacy

The importance of window dressings is vast. They do not only isolate the room and block direct sunlight from entering the room and making the inner temperature rise but also provides privacy. Apart from that, they also play a vital role in the case of making your rooms look aesthetically pleasing. However, most of the … Read more

Best IKEA Curtains Review And Buying Guide

best ikea curtains

When it comes to buying curtains, the first thing that comes to people’s mind is probably a white curtain. Their simple yet versatile look is a popular choice, especially among interior designers. Moreover, if you know how to style them complimentary to the room, you can easily give them the impression of any expensive tailored … Read more

10 Best Tension Curtain Rods Reviews

Best Tension Curtain Rods

Installing curtain rods in between the walls of your bathrooms and on top of the windows can be quite a hassle sometimes. Usually, with the traditional ones, you will have to deal with drilling holes and do the measuring and all. Thus, all those processes could be a little tedious as well. If you were … Read more

Best Curtain Steamer Reviews

best steamer for curtains

Are you looking for an alternative or an addition to the traditional steam iron that will allow you to clean and straighten your curtains quickly? Want something that will let you remove the wrinkles from your curtains without having to detach them from the hanger? If the answer to the questions above is a yes … Read more

Best Curtain Rods For Apartments

best curtain rods reviews

Are you planning to redecorate your rooms? Want to give your windows an aesthetic touch? Or are you looking to install curtains in your bathroom to increase the overall privacy? If the answer to any of the questions is a yes for you, you are looking for are curtain rods. Among all the other things … Read more

How Wide Should Curtains Be For 72 Inch Window

standard curtain width

Curtains serve several functions in our homes and offices. They offer privacy and keep away direct sunlight and dust. Curtains also play an important role in decorating and provide a soothing effect depending on the fabric, color, lining, width, length, and prints selected. The good thing about curtains is that they can complement any style … Read more

What Size Curtains Do I Need

apron length curtains

Curtains size is a must-do job for the people who are curious about interior design for their room. If you don’t have curtains with the perfect size, already you have missed a chance to do some amazing interior design in your room.  Now you may ask what size curtains do I need. Read the article to … Read more

5 Alternatives To Shower Curtains

shower curtain alternative apartment beeswax shower curtain

Shower curtains are colorful waterproof pieces of fabric that we use to enclose our showers. They’re supposed to run the length of the bath to that they can deal with water spills and splashes effectively. These can be changed at will with minimal effort and expense to add personality or to soften the overall aesthetic … Read more