Best Collagen Protein Powder

Collagen is the main structural type of protein, contributes a lot to our body’s built and growth. Whether you are considering bone, cartilages, tendons, or skin, everything needs collagen. Although you can get collagen from your food, supplements like protein powders are excellent to give you that extra boost you need.

Especially when people are aging, their body cannot retain elasticity. Collagen can help with that.  Hence, you must understand your body’s needs and opt for the best collagen protein powder based on that.

We have listed some of the best products below for you to choose from.

List Of Top 5 Best Collagen Supplements – Editor’s Pick:

Why You Should Give Collagen Supplements A Chance

Most of us aren’t taking supplements but that doesn’t mean you cannot try collagen. These powders are excellent for many different reasons and we have listed some of them here:

  • Improves Skin Elasticity And Health

Many people take collagen to tighten their skin and get back the youthful face they had. Collagen is actually already present in your skin; you just need to add a little more for the best results.

  • Improves Bone Structure

The presence of collagen in our bone deteriorates as we grow older. This can affect your posture, health, and even result in osteoporosis. So, if you combine collagen supplements with calcium, it can highly affect the bone breakdown in your body.

  • Eliminates Joint Pain

As collagen helps retain the state of healthy cartilage, it can relieve joint pain in patients. Older people tend to get these issues more as their collagen decreases. In that case, taking the supplements can significantly lessen your chances of developing diseases like osteoarthritis.

  • Reduce Risk Of Heart Diseases

Usually, heart disease is linked to weak arteries and collagen can prevent that from happening. It builds arteries and provides structure to them that reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Top 10 Collagen Protein Powder Reviews

Now that you know why you should try out collagen supplements, let’s get right into the reviews. We have listed products from a huge price range and we believe that you will definitely find something that fits in your budget.

1. Collagen Peptides Powder Review

Collagen Peptides Powder | Hydrolyzed for Better Collagen Absorption | Non-GMO Verified, Certified Keto Friendly and Gluten Free - Unflavored

Talk about fancy ingredients? This collagen supplement comes from pasture-raised, grass-fed beef. It’s one of the best quality protein powders you will ever come across.

The premium supplement is available in 4 different sizes. You can opt for the packs if you are often outside and don’t really have space for jars. Whether you want shiny silky hair, pimple-free skin, or healthy bones and muscle mass, this powder has all the qualities to help you out. All you have to do is mix it in a beverage and drink away.

Moreover, it tastes great with coffee or shakes. You can also mix it in yogurts, sauce, soups. The powder is unflavored, so it won’t affect the taste of your food. As the supplement specializes in enhancing the elasticity of the skin, it’s fairly popular among women.

The product has proven itself to be refreshing and reviving, which is why it has a huge fan base. Along with a non-GMO certification from the IGEN program, the product is also certified by a third-party company for concentration and quality. You will get 41 servings per case and you can also opt for the sachets as we have mentioned before.


  • Contains both types I and III of collagen
  • Collagen from pasture-raised, grass-fed beef
  • 41 servings per case
  • Also available in sachets
  • Can be mixed with many foods


  • Has side effects
  • Caused rashes in some users

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2. Physician’s Nutrition Collagen Peptides Powder Review

Collagen Peptides Powder - Enhanced Absorption - Supports Hair, Skin, Nails, Joints and Post Workout Recovery - Hydrolyzed Protein - Grass Fed, Non-GMO, Type I and III, Gluten-Free, Unflavored

Completely healthy, natural, and packed with benefits, this supplement comes with hydrolyzed protein. The collagen in this powder is sourced from pasture-raised, grass-fed, Grade A bovine. They don’t add any kind of additive and are completely non-GMO. So you are getting an all-natural miracle drink that can revive your body.

Besides, the powder is unflavored and contains both types I, III collagen. It contains low sodium so that you have control over your salt intake. Hydrolyzed collagens are unique because they’re broken down into smaller chains which are called peptides.

Likewise, you won’t find any kind of toxic materials in this powder as it’s completely sugar-free and dairy-free. However, users have actually reported fewer side effects with this one.

If you have brittle nails, thinning hair, and sagging skin, we highly recommend this product for you. Chances are that you have tried many things but nothing seems work. Well, this one will.

The powder can be taken with almost any drinks and tastes amazing with all of them. You can try them with yogurts as well.


  • Hydrolyzed collagen
  • Sourced from pasture-raised, grass-fed, Grade A bovine
  • Zero sugar
  • No gluten
  • Non-GMO


  • Not certified by the FDA
  • Bad odor

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3. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder Review

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder Supplement (Type I, III) for Skin Hair Nail Joint - Hydrolyzed Collagen - Non-GMO - Dairy and Gluten Free - 20g per Serving - Unflavored 10 oz Canister

You get a good amount (20 gm) of collagen per serving of this supplement. Usually, it’s suggested to take 2 spoons of the powder for every serving. Thus, you will get your body’s required nutrients amount.

Like the products mentioned before, this one is also sourced from pasture-raised, grass-fed cows. The animals are taken care of according to the rating standards of the Global Animal Partnership 5-step animal welfare. It’s important for many of us that our food doesn’t come from tortured animals. Food should be sourced with love.

The powder also contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to enhance the collagen absorption process in your body. If you don’t like always mixing your protein powder in a hot beverage, you will love this one. It mixes well in cold liquids too.

Similarly, it’s a dietary supplement, excellent for improving the elasticity of the skin, nail structure, and hair strength. The powder contains no sugar, which is exceptional if you are looking forward to losing some weight.  

Although the collagen is sourced from cows, the powder is completely dairy-free. It doesn’t contain any gluten either and this makes the product suitable for everyone.


  • Zero sugar
  • No dairy
  • Gluten-free
  • Contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin C
  • 20 gm collagen per serving


  • Many fake products available in the market
  • Some users complained of serious side effects

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4. Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein Powder Review

Ancient Nutrition - Multi Collagen Protein Powder - Pure, Collagen Peptides formulated by Dr. Josh Axe, Gluten Free, Made Without Dairy & Soy, 16 oz

Available in 4 different sizes and formulated by a doctor. This supplement actually has the power to revive your skin and bones. The product sources collagen from 5 different food; bovine, fish, chicken, and eggshell. This actually means that you get 5 types of collagen instead of just one type like in the rest mentioned above.

Accordingly, you get 9 gm protein, 35 gm calories, and 10.2 gm collagen per serving of this powder. You can mix it with any cold or hot beverage and it just mixes right into the drink.

The product has hydrolyzed collagen of types I, II, III, V, and X. All of them together can bring extraordinary changes in your body. Your gut and joints can get the necessary support and your nails, face, skin can get the glow you want; all from just one product.

As collagen is sourced from different foods, these animal sources live in different countries as well. The formula doesn’t contain any hormones or additives. So it’s all-natural to help you get the natural glow.


  • Contains 5 types of collagen
  • Different sources for collecting collagen
  • Zero hormone or additives
  • No dairy
  • Gluten-free


  • Clumpy
  • Made some old users sick

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5. Wholesome Wellness Multi Collagen Protein Powder Review

Multi Collagen Protein Powder Hydrolyzed (Type I II III V X) Grass-Fed All-in-One Super Bone Broth + Collagen Peptides - Premium Blend of Grass-Fed Beef, Chicken, Wild Fish, Eggshell Collagen

This one also comes with a mix of 5 different collagens; Type I, II, III, V, and X. The ingredient is sourced from beef, wild fish, chicken, and eggshell.  You can completely rely on the safety and health benefits of this powder as it’s manufactured in FDA and GMP approved facilities.

The powder is unflavored and tastes amazing with coffee or other shakes. It’s a medical-grade powder. If you have joint pain often or your skin is starting to sag, we recommend taking it daily. You will observe outstanding changes in a few weeks.

Likewise, If you have any problem, be it skin, nails, hair, teeth, joints, tendons, gums, ligaments, hormone balance, muscles, weight, aging, ligament-care, ketosis, or cellulite, this powder is finely designed to support you. It’s an excellent supplement for older sports enthusiasts who don’t like to be limited by their health condition.

As the powder is free from most allergic materials, it’s suitable for everyone. The product doesn’t contain gluten, GMO, peanut, dairy, and soy. It’s also certified by the 3rd Party Lab for Potency & Purity.


  • No GMO
  • Zero peanuts, dairy, or soy
  • Unflavored
  • Manufactured in FDA and GMP approved facilities
  • Contains 5 different collagens


  • Smells bad
  • Clumpy consistency

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6. Bulletproof Collagen Protein Powder Review

Unflavored Collagen Protein Powder, 18g Protein, 17.6 Oz, Bulletproof Grass Fed Collagen Peptides and Amino Acids for Healthy Skin, Bones and Joints

If you are on a keto diet and looking for something that’ll suit your dietary plans, this one is for you. The keto-friendly protein powder is available in 2 different sizes; 8.5 ounce and 17.6 ounces.

You can find coffee of the same brand that tastes amazing with this protein powder. It uses collagen sourced from pasture-raised cows and this source (gelatin) is approved by the FDA as GRAS.

The product acts as an amino acid builder in your body and enhances the growth of protein that your body needs. It’s excellent for healthy skin, joint pain relief, stronger teeth and nails, more elastic tendons, and weight loss. The powder can actually help with the keto diet and accelerate the weight loss process.

Although mixing collagen powder is frustrating in many cases as they tend to be clumpy, this one isn’t. You can mix it with hot or cold drinks depending on your taste; just give it a good stir and no clumps will form.

It’s an all-natural supplement, doesn’t contain GMOs or hormones. Thus, no dairy, soy, gluten, or artificial flavor added as well.


  • No dairy
  • Soy or gluten-free
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Keto-friendly
  • Collagen source is approved by the FDA as GRAS


  • Caused an upset stomach for some users
  • Gooey texture

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7. Codeage Multi Collagen Protein Powder Review

Codeage Multi Collagen Protein Powder Peptides, 2-Month Supply, Hydrolyzed, Type I, II, III, V, X Grass Fed All in One Super Bone Broth Collagen Supplement, Non-GMO, 20 Ounces

A premium quality protein powder equipped with 5 different types of collagens to protect your bones and skin. You get more protein and fewer calories with this powder. It gives 9 gm protein, 9 gm collagen, and 43 calories per servings.

The powder is excellent as a cooking ingredient. You can add it to soup or risotto and they’ll taste great. As it’s an unflavored powder, you only get the health benefits without any added flavor. The formula has a great consistency and mixes easily into both hot and cold fluids.

5 types of sources are used to formulate it such as grass-fed beef, wild fish, chicken, and eggshell. These sources are actually common for protein powders. The collagen is excellent for your nails, skin, gut, and joints. If you already have joint pain or saggy skin, start taking this supplement regularly for great results.

Along with a 3rd party certification, the product is also manufactured in a GMP certified facility. It’s completely safe to consume and often has no side effects. We recommend using the powder in baked goods so that you don’t even realize you’re taking this supplement.


  • Tastes great with baked goods
  • 5 types of collagen
  • Great for cooking
  • 9 gm collagen per serving
  • Relieves joint pain


  • Really slow results
  • Smells bad

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8. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder Review

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder - Pasture Raised, Grass Fed, unflavored 20 oz

We have listed another excellent hydrolyzed collagen powder from Vital proteins in this part. This one is actually dairy-free and gluten-free, which makes it ideal for a wide range of consumers.

Bioavailable collagen is used here as it’s easier to digest and minimizes the risk of side effects. Your body will readily accept this powder right after you drink it.

On the other hand, you get 28 servings per case and that will last you for a month or so. The product is excellent for skin, nails, tendons, joints, and guts. It’s also amazing for people who have torn or broken ligaments because the powder can help it heal faster.

Since it’s a paleo-friendly product, it will accelerate your weight loss process if you are on a paleo diet. It is also a Whole 30 approved protein powder, which means it’s safer than the other for consumption.  

We liked how easily this supplement blends into fluids. You can add it to your coffee or shakes, give it a good stir, and it’ll be mixed instantly. Your beverage doesn’t need to be hot; the powder mixes in cold drinks as well.


  • Gluten-free
  • Sugar-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Paleo-friendly
  • Bioavailable Collagen


  • Many fake products
  • Some user complained of breakouts on their face

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9. NeoCell® Super Collagen Powder Review

NeoCell Super Collagen Peptides Powder, 7 Ounces, Non-GMO, Grass Fed, Paleo Friendly, Gluten Free, For Hair, Skin, Nails & Joints (Packaging May Vary), Unflavored, 20 Servings

This one comes with type I and III of hydrolyzed collagen peptides. It has amazing reviews and is popular among women for the skin benefit it offers.

However, the Company believes that beauty comes out from inside people. This is why they have designed the powder in a way that it will make you glow from inside. Protein can highly benefit your skin; especially when it comes to glowing it.

If you are into shiny hair and strong nails, this powder can also help you achieve those in no time. It works when the large molecules of collagen are broken down into bioavailable peptides using the hydrolyzation process and this is what the protein powder does. Small peptides are easier to consume and work faster in human cells.

You can also achieve great joint flexibility after drinking this powder every day. The manufacturer recommended taking it in an empty stomach if you want the best results.

One scoop of powder contains 6,600 mg of both types of collagen. This is available in both flavored and unflavored types. We liked the berry lemon and french vanilla flavors.


  • Available both flavored and unflavored powders
  • Provides beauty from inside
  • Contains 6,600 mg of collagen per serving
  • Type I & III collagen
  • Great for joint flexibility


  • Expensive
  • Slightly smells like meat

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10. Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate Review

Great Lakes Gelatin, Collagen Hydrolysate, Unflavored Beef Protein, Kosher, 16 Oz Can

You will find the health benefits and beauty benefits listed on the packaging of this protein powder. The product sources collagen from grass-fed and pasture-raised cows. It’s an excellent supplement for Jews because it’s kosher.

The powder is available in 16 Oz can. It’s a keto and paleo-friendly product. So whichever diet you are following, the powder will accelerate your weight loss process. It complies with USP/NF guidelines and has 3rd party certification from Consumer Labs as well.  

If you workout often and are looking for a collagen supplement to help you out, this one is ideal for you. The supplement should be taken post-workout. You can mix it with your shakes or just water.

One of the health benefits of this powder is improving joint health. The powder can prevent diseases that arise with age. It also ensures that you get deep, healthy sleep. Beauty benefits of the product include having glowy hydrated skin, thicker and longer hair, and strong nails.


  • Excellent health and beauty benefits
  • Kosher
  • Collagen sourced from grass-fed & pasture-raised cows
  • Paleo-friendly
  • Keto-friendly


  • Contains more lead than most other products
  • Some users complained of having headaches

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Frequently Asked Questions On Best Collagen Protein Powder

Q: Can collagen protein powder help me lose weight?

Answer: The powders can assist with weight loss but cannot entirely help you lose weight. If you are already following a diet, you can rely on these collagen supplements to accelerate the weight loss process. However, the product doesn’t make users lose weight alone.

Q: When should I take collagen supplements?

Answer: It depends on why you are taking the supplement. Take them in the morning for dietary purposes and small amounts throughout the day for pain or inflammation. It’s also recommended to consume collagen before you go to bed at the end of the day.

Q: How long does it take to show results after I start taking collagen powders?

Answer: It takes a few months based on your health, skin, and age. If you are taking the supplement regularly, you will observe slight changes within 4-5 weeks. The skin and body completely develop within 2-4 months.

Q: Does collagen make breasts larger and saggy?

Answer: Collagen can make your breasts bigger but it doesn’t make them saggy. Practitioners say that you can increase your breast size by 1 cup if you are taking collagen supplements regularly. But it doesn’t happen with everyone.

Final Verdict

Collagen supplements have millions of benefits and 1-2 side effects on a few people. You should definitely try the best collagen protein powder from our reviewed products. The supplements can bring revolutionary changes to your health, skin, and lifestyle.

We recommend you to try a few brands before you pick one that works for your body. Sometimes people do get severe side effects but in most cases, switching the brand helped them.

At the same time, don’t go overboard with the powder. Only take the amount that’s recommended. Be patient with yourself and wait a few months to see the new and better you. Good luck!

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