Best IKEA Curtains Review and Buying Guide

    best ikea curtains

    When it comes to buying curtains, the first thing that comes to people’s mind is probably a white curtain. Their simple yet versatile look is a popular choice, especially among interior designers.

    Moreover, if you know how to style them complimentary to the room, you can easily give them the impression of any expensive tailored curtains.

    Luckily, you can buy them easily on the market at very affordable prices, and IKEA is one of the most popular places among them. They have a variety of designs to choose from, and with the best IKEA curtains, you can also add spice to your home.

    #List Of The Top 10 IKEA Curtains In The Market – Editor’s Pick:

    Things To Consider Before Choosing IKEA Curtains

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    Besides adding privacy and blocking the sun glares, curtains are the simplest way to make a house homey. But knowing and understanding what will be the right one for your home is the first and essential step towards reaching that goal. So we are here to help you achieve that!

    • What Type of Fabric should You Choose?

    The fabric of your curtain can change the room’s vibe and how long the curtains will last. In an office room, velvet or silk curtains fit the mood as opposed to linens. Cotton, on the other hand, usually goes well with any style.

    As for durability, faux silk is a great one; it is probably the best choice for sunny rooms. Keep in mind, lining silk is very important because otherwise, they will eventually rot.

    • What About the Color and Pattern?

    Similarly, color and patterns can affect the room like fabrics. Hence, it is safe to go with a color darker than your walls or light neutral shade, but remember, long-term exposure to sunlight will fade the colors. So if you are going with any bold colors, choose wisely.

    For prints, it is best to go with patterns if you have unpatterned furniture and vice versa. But of course, you can experiment and be bold if that is the vibe you are going for.

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    • What Size Should You Get?

    Getting the correct size of the curtain for your room can sound very complicated. An easy solution for width is to get double the size of the width of your window. However, if it is only for framing the window, getting 1½ times its width is ideal.

    Likewise, floor-length is always the go-to for curtains unless you want it shorter; measure from the floor to the length you want. If you wish to give your room an elevated look, a tip from designers is to hang the panels a few inches higher than the window.

    • What Style Heading should You Choose?

    The heading or the top hem of the curtain can bring a look together. There is a lot to choose from, the most common being hooks and rod pocket. The hooks make it easier to move the curtains, on the other hand, if you want them to stay put, go for rod pockets.

    For a more sophisticated look, pleats are the best choice. There are many types you can choose, which can give you surprisingly pleasant results. Thus, tab tops are another popular choice for a modern, cozy vibe.

    Top 10 Best IKEA Curtains In The Market

    Being one of the most budget-friendly places to buy curtains from, you can expect IKEA to have an impressive number of options varying in prices. But as you can also expect, not all will provide the result you are looking for. So we have boiled it down to a list of only the best ones for you!

    1. IKEA Lill Sheer 2 Panels Curtains

    Decorating rooms with sheer white curtains have been a trend for decades now. If you are looking for a sheer curtain mainly for such purpose with a cheap deal, this is a great option.

    It comes with two lace curtains measuring 98 inches in length and 110 inches in width, giving you enough material to customize your desired look. Made from 100% polyester, you can also trim their length without the worry about hemming them.

    Accordingly, their light, almost see-through polyester is perfect for adding a level of coziness to your bedroom. It also looks great as a backdrop for any room or decorations, especially with the good ol’ fairy-lights.

    Moreover, using its added rod pocket you can conveniently hang them on a curtain rod after receiving them without wasting time. It is also a good mosquito net alternative and can be used on the patio to prevent mosquitoes and bugs from entering.


    • Comes with two lace curtains
    • No need to hem after trimming
    • Measures a good 98 inches length x 110 inches width
    • Has rod pocket to hang them easily
    • Cheap deal


    • The material may feel stiff to the touch
    • Too sheer to block any sunlight

    2. IKEA Matilda Sheer Curtains 1 Pair, White 101.119.84

    A white cotton curtain, with its simplicity, can add both coziness and elegance in a room. However, perfectly sheer, quality white cotton curtains are hard to find, especially on a budget.

    Well, the search is over! A pure white, made with 100% cotton, these curtains can make any room, hallway, etc. look better. The added patterns also help change the vibe of the place, giving it more elegance and femininity.

    Measuring 98 inches in length and 55 inches in width, they come in a pair or two panels. They are long, so you have to cut and hem them to your desired length. Besides, the tab top heading makes it easy to move the curtains along with finishing the beautiful feminine look.

    The light cotton is the perfect amount to sheer to add privacy but enough to let sunlight in. They make sure to block the sun glares along with giving the room the perfect amount of daylight.


    • 100% cotton fabric
    • Comes with two pieces
    • Measures 98 inches length x 55 inches width
    • Tab top heading for smooth sliding
    • Soft and sheer material


    • Needs hemming to get the desired length
    • Shrinks a little after the first wash

    3. IKEA LENDA Curtains with Tie-Backs, White (Bleached)

    With a shockingly low price, these curtains are a hit not only among buyers but also designers. Just upping your budget a little bit is going to get you these almost high-end expensive looking curtains.

    On the other hand, these white-bleached curtains come in a pair or two panels measuring 98 inches in length and 55 inches in width. Using an iron-on hem strip, you can easily cut and hem the curtains as you like. They also come with removable tie-backs for easy adjustment.

    The cotton material of the curtains is soft and clean, almost making it look like linen. This clean linen-like appearance goes well with nearly any room giving it a more refined look. Besides that, the material is soft, easy to wash, and lays well.

    It also comes with a tab top heading, so you can easily hang and move them. The curtains’ material is not too sheer or heavy, giving the perfect amount of sunlight to the room. For a pure white curtain, it also provides excellent privacy.


    • Comes with two panels
    • Easily hemmed using iron-on hem strips
    • Measures 98 inches length x 55 inches width
    • Cotton material with a clean-linen look
    • Comes with removable tie-backs


    • May wrinkle easily

    4. IKEA Mesh Lace Curtains, 1 Pair, White

    Being perfect for decorating walls and adding backdrops, white mesh lace curtains are the go-to make a room or any living space livelier. However, finding the right one quality-wise may be tough, but this one might seal the deal for you!

    These mesh curtains, made from 100% polyester measures 98 inches in length and 110 inches in width. Being polyester material also gives you the freedom to trim them as you like without hemming.

    Coming with two panels or a pair, it also has a rod pocket, making it easy to hang them directly using curtain rods. Even with its low price, it is soft and lays well. It is also very pleasantly durable, and washable.

    Furthermore, if you are looking for a mesh curtain to use on your back or front patio, this is an excellent choice! The sheer mesh material of the curtains can help prevent bugs and mosquitoes from entering while you are enjoying a relaxed time on the patio.


    • Comes with two mesh lace panels
    • Measures 98 inches length x 110 inches width
    • Has rod pocket to hang them easily
    • No hemming needed
    • Soft material to the touch


    • Material may be delicate

    5. IKEA LILL Mesh Lace Curtains, 8 Panels (4 Pairs)

    With the almost endless ways you can use mesh curtains for decorating your home and living area, but you probably can’t get enough of it. Thus, buying many pairs can get expensive.

    So, if you are one of those people, here is a great deal for you! This mesh curtains come in a pair of four or eight panels, with almost half the price you would pay for other mesh curtains with the same amount.

    These eight panels measure an average 98 inches in length and 110 inches in width each, giving you just enough material to customize your look. As the fabric is 100% polyester, there is also no need to hem them.

    Apart from that, they are machine washable so you can wash them easily. With the rod pockets, you can hang them directly using a curtain rod; it also ensures that they stay in place. Likewise, these curtains go well as a bed canopy and even work as an alternative to mosquito nets.


    • Comes with four pairs or eight panels
    • Measures 98 inches length x 110 inches width
    • No hemming needed
    • Has rod pocket
    • Machine washable


    • Shrinks by 2% after the first wash

    6. IKEA Thin Vivan Curtains 57×98 ½ (1, Turquoise)

    While polyester curtains can have questionable quality but are cheaper, cotton is more expensive and with better quality. If that has got you stuck between the two, going with a mixture of both materials can give you the best of both worlds!

    These curtains measuring 98 inches in length and 57 inches in width are 70% polyester and 30% cotton. It comes with two panels and also has a rod pocket, so you easily hang via curtain rods.

    With the cost of nearly the amount for a pair of mesh curtains, they are not too sheer or heavy, allowing privacy with the right amount of sunlight. Due to the heading tape, you can also create a new look using RIKTIG curtain hooks by making pleats or creases.

    Moreover, the blend of both polyester and cotton gives the curtains a soft and smooth feel to the touch. They are also machine washable and durable. If white is not your thing, you can get them in turquoise as well.


    • Material is 70% polyester and 30% cotton
    • Comes in white and turquoise options
    • Soft and smooth material
    • Measures 98 inches length x 57 inches width
    • Has rod pocket


    • Needs to be hemmed after trimming
    • Shrinks by 4% after the first wash

    7. IKEA Curtains with Tie-Backs, 1 Pair, Gray 55×98 “

    Usually, while buying curtains, people want two things: privacy with a sheer fabric so that sunlight can pass through. However, if the former one is your main priority, you should check this one out!

    With 100% cotton, these gray curtains make sure that as little light passes through, it provides excellent privacy from the outside world. They measure a good 98 inches in length and 55 inches in width and come in a pair or two panels.

    It comes with tie-backs, with which you easily hold them in place while maintaining a sophisticated look. The material is also soft and heavy, so it lays well. The tab top heading makes it easy to move them while adding to the sophisticatedness of these curtains.

    Besides that, the tab top heading also helps to hang the curtains using a curtain rod easily. They are very durable and easy to wash, too, making them last longer. You can also very conveniently adjust the curtain’s length using iron-on hem strips.


    • Provides excellent privacy
    • Measures 98 inches length x 55 inches width
    • 100% cotton material
    • Has tab top heading
    • Hemmed easily using iron-on hem strips


    • Shrinks max by 4% after the first wash

    8. IKEA Ritva Curtains With Tie Packs 1 Pair White

    No one can resist something that is well made and affordable. And these tailored looking quality curtains, fitting the narrative perfectly, are precisely why these curtains are such a hit among the buyers and interior designers.

    These white cotton curtains measure 118 inches in length and 57 inches in width. They are really long, so you need to trim them to your liking. Thus, the 100% cotton material gives it the perfect soft and clean look that goes well with any place or style.

    Apart from that, these two panels also come with tie-backs, easily making the curtains look expensive. The material is also soft, but heavy enough to lay well. So it is perfect to use it as a drapery!

    Furthermore, these curtains are ideal if you want to block the sunlight while giving your room a soft natural glow in the day, all the while maintaining privacy. Thanks to the heading tape, using RIKTIG curtain hooks to create pleats, you can easily give it a more elegant look.


    • Made with 100% cotton
    • Comes with two panels
    • Measures a lengthy 118 inches length x 57 inches width
    • Has rod pocket to hang them easily
    • Comes with tie-backs


    • Shrinks by 4% after washing

    9. IKEA Teresia Sheer Curtains, White

    When it comes to sheer curtains, finding the middle ground between too sheer and too heavy could be a challenge. Not to mention, the pricing for them in the market as well! But luckily, this one gives you both perfect sheer curtains at an affordable price!

    These curtains, coming with two panels or a pair, have the right sheerness for layering curtains on windows. Also, being 100% polyester means that you can trim them without hemming. It measures 98 inches in length and 57 inches in width.

    For a sheer curtain, it provides the right amount of privacy, which is a good choice to use on your patio. It also makes a good bed or crib canopy, along with preventing mosquitoes and bugs from entering.

    Additionally, the rod pocket makes it easy to hang them on a curtain rod directly and make sure they stay in place. They are soft to the touch and can be machine washed on cold, so you can easily wash them, making them quite durable and long-lasting.


    • Measures 98 inches length x 57 inches width
    • Has rod pocket
    • Soft and not too sheer material
    • Machine washable
    • Comes with two panels


    • Not ideal for blocking sunlight

    10. IKEA Matilda Sheer Curtains | 1 Pair White

    For decorating your patio, layering curtains, etc. it doesn’t always have to be mesh curtains. A soft sheer cotton curtain can give a different vibe that can very much surprise you! However, it is difficult because the cotton curtains are expensive.

    Luckily, there is also the perfect cotton curtain for that! With the price of almost a mesh curtain, these curtains are 100% cotton. They come with two soft and sheer panels that you can immediately hang using curtain rods, thanks to the tab top heading.

    Alongside this, it measures 118 inches in length and 55 inches in width, giving you more than enough material for its price. After trimming them to the length you want, you can easily hem them using iron-on hem strips. Plus, being pure cotton means they are also durable and easy to wash.

    Likewise, with the sheerness of the curtains and the soft, cozy vibe of the cotton, it can be an excellent and cheap decoration for weddings. You can also decorate your patio or hang them in any room, giving you enough sunlight and a decent amount of privacy.


    • 100% cotton material
    • Measures 118 inches long x 55 inches wide
    • Easily hemmed using iron-on hem strips
    • Easy to wash and durable
    • Comes with two panels


    • Too sheer for a cotton curtain

    Final Words

    Changing or adding curtains suited for the room can make a huge difference that you can only experience seeing the results yourself. From our best IKEA curtains review, you can see those results and turn your living areas into a beauty that you could only imagine by spending a lot of money.

    However, now with just the right one, you can make your home look like a photo out of a lifestyle magazine!


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