Best Quality Vertical Blinds Reviews

Despite how simple they are in their design, vertical blinds and window curtains play a handful of roles in your home.

Whether you want vertical blinds and curtains to make a room significantly darker, protect your window from sunlight, or make your window look a little bit easier on the eyes, you will need to take the time to find vertical blinds and curtains that are optimized in every area you can think of.

Going out and getting vertical blinds or curtains sight unseen is not a good idea. You may think that they are negligible or that they are too many similarities to take time out to select the right vertical blinds and curtains, but this is wrong. If you put in some extra effort in selecting the perfect vertical blinds and curtains, you will be able to keep them for a very long time.

Vertical blinds and curtains come in different designs, sizes, and provide different functions. Knowing which ones are best in as many areas as possible will allow you to get the right vertical blinds installed on your window without even considering replacing them.

Top Picks : 5 Best Vertical Blinds

Top 5 Best Vertical Blinds Reviews

1. Curtain Wide Thermal Patio Door Curtain Review

RHF Function Curtain-Wide Thermal Blackout Patio Door Curtain Panel, Sliding Door Insulated Curtains,Extra Wide Curtains,Vertical Blinds,Grommet Curtains&Grey Curtains/Grey 100W by 84L Inches-Grey

A challenge that most vertical blinds and vertical curtains face is that they often only come in one color. The problem with this is that it means that you do not have a lot of options as to how much light they want to block out.

RHF’s vertical curtains solve this problem in two ways. First, it is available in different colors, which gives you options in aesthetics. These different colors also block different amounts of sunlight from entering the home.

The darker the RHF’s curtains are, the more light gets blocked out. This is perfect for anyone who might want a certain level of sunlight blocked in one room and who might want a certain level of sunlight blocked in another. You get a lot of options with RHF’s curtains and that is a very good thing.

Another fantastic thing about RHF’s curtains is that they are very easy to wash. They are machine washable, which makes them better than most curtains which require you to wash them in different methods.
However, one major issue with RHF’s curtains is that they are not perfect in their blackout capabilities. Even their darkest curtains provide a 91% blackout, and that is for their curtains that are black in color. If you are looking for vertical curtains that will provide a perfect blackout effect, you will need to look elsewhere.

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2. Vertical Blinds for Sling Doors by Nicetown Review

NICETOWN Vertical Blinds for Sling Door - Silver Grommet Top Blackout Window Curtains, Privacy Blinds for Patio, Extra Wide Drapes (Greyish White, W100 x L84)

You will have no shortage of colors to choose from when it comes to Nicetown’s vertical blinds. Being available in 18 different colors, Nicetown’s vertical blinds offer much more variety than other vertical blinds, especially in terms of aesthetics.

A unique and useful quality of Nicetown’s vertical blinds is that they can also insulate. It will absorb sunlight while also blocking a good majority of it, which will provide a little bit of warmth if it is cold but bright outside. If it is bright enough and if you have a lighter color, Nicetown’s vertical blinds can even provide heating in some aspect.

Nicetown’s vertical blinds are not optimized for blackout. Possessing only an 88% blackout rate, you need to understand that Nicetown’s vertical blinds are designed more for insulating more than making rooms dark. This 88% does not increase with darker colors, either. The different colors that Nicetown’s vertical blinds offers are for aesthetic purposes only.

While Nicetown’s vertical blinds are machine washable, the fabric that it uses are a little more sensitive than they should be. They will rip if something sharp scratches it, and if you wash it with temperatures over 86 degrees fahrenheit, you will risk permanently damaging the fabric.

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3. “Total Shade” Patio Door Curtain by Nicetown Review

NICETOWN Total Shade Patio Door Curtain, Heavy-Duty Full Light Shading Sliding Door Drape Room Divider Curtain, Vertical Blinds for Window(1 Panels, 100 inches Wide x 84 inches Long, Gray

A major challenge that many who possess vertical blinds face is that oftentimes, vertical blinds do not darken rooms perfectly.

Most vertical blinds possess a blackout rate around 90%, but very few vertical blinds possess a blackout rate above 90%. It can be rare to find vertical blinds and curtains that possess a blackout rate in the 95% range, and it is extremely rare to find vertical blinds and curtains that possess a perfect 100% blackout rate. The Total Shade by Nicetown possesses a perfect 100% blackout rate in its curtains. They accomplish this by containing sew in black liner backing along the drapes. This is what makes it prevent all light from coming through them.

These drapes are also fairly heavy and can also block noise in some aspect as well. Containing two layers, the Total Shade will absorb at least twice as much sound as any given set of vertical blinds that only have one layer. If you are interested in preventing light and sound from entering your home, you will get a lot out of the Total Shade. Keep in mind that the Total Shade does contain two layers. The outside layer that points to the outside of your window is completely black and you need to be aware of this. This provides almost zero aesthetic value for how your windows will look from the outside.

The two layer design of the beautiful Shade vertical blinds also make it a little more difficult to clean than other vertical blinds. While they are machine washable, it can take a little longer for them to be washed because of their two layer design.

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4. PVC Vertical Blind Replacement by Dalix Review

DALIX PVC Vertical Blind Replacement Slat Smooth (White) 10 Pk 82 1/2 x 3 1/2

Replacing PVC vertical blinds when broken is never easy and it takes a lot of effort to replace them in any aspect. Taking out and putting in the slats that have been damaged or broken can be very troublesome and it is not easy to find replacements that are an ideal size as well as easy to attach and take apart.

Fortunately, Dalix’s vertical blind replacement solves a lot of these problems. First, it is very easy to adjust the size of the replacement slats in the set. All you need to do is cut them with standard scissors. This makes the size of Dalix’s very adjustable in a very easy way. You do not need to worry about ordering the right size or anything with Dalix’s vertical blind replacement set.

It is also easy to clean Dalix’s vertical blinds. All you need to do to clean them is spray a cloth with all purpose cleaner and wipe the blinds down. You do not need any special cleaners or anything of the sort, and this is very convenient.

There is only one thing that makes Dalix’s vertical blind replacement set less than perfect and that is how the set arrives when ordered and shipped. They are rolled up when shipped, and this can lead to them staying curved when you hang them. This is a real risk that you will take if you order too many of them.

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5. Blackout Patio Door Curtains by RYB Home Review

Blackout Patio Door Curtains Bedroom - Home Decor Grommet Curtain Thermal Insulated Vertical Blind Window Treatment Drapes for Living Room Sliding Glass Door, Wide 100 x Long 84 inch, Grey

A lot of vertical blinds and curtains do not have much to offer in terms of durability. Most of them do a decent job of making rooms dark and insulating, but it is very easy for them to be scratched or damaged in other ways.
Different than most vertical blinds and curtains, RYB home’s curtains are made of materials that are a little more durable than other vertical blinds and curtains. They are made of polyester and triple woven fabric, which contribute to its durability.

While it is common for vertical blinds and curtains to contain different colors which provide different darkening effects, it is also true for these darkening effects to reach ceilings of sorts in their darkening properties. RYB home’s curtains eliminates these ceilings while also providing variety. They possess a very impressive range of darkening properties in their colors, with their lightest colors yielding an 85% blackout rate and their darkest colors yielding a 99% blackout rate.

The one thing that keeps RYB home’s curtains from being perfect is that they are not soundproof in the slightest. Most single layer vertical blinds and curtains can prevent sound in some aspects, but RYB home’s curtains will not prevent any sound at all.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Best Quality Vertical Blinds

Q: Can you get vertical blackout blinds?

Ans: Many vertical blinds as well as vertical curtains have blackout qualities, so the answer to this question is more about the degree of how much light any given vertical curtain can block and less about whether they have blackout qualities or not. The short answer to this question is “yes,” but the longer and better answer is “yes, but there are different levels of blackout qualities that you should explore.

Q: How do you fix a broken vertical blind?

Ans: Vertical blinds can be easy to fix, but if you have the wrong ones on hand, they can be difficult to fix. Most modern day vertical blinds can be replaced by simply removing them from the top of the track that contains the rest of the blinds and putting the new vertical blind on them. One thing you should consider when doing this is knowing how long the vertical blinds are. Some vertical blind replacement sets contain replacement blinds that can simply cut from the bottom with scissors.

Q: How much does it cost to get blinds for a house?

Ans: You need to think of three things when answering this question: First, you should determine if you want to get blinds or curtains. This is important and there is a difference. You also should determine if you are going to install them by yourself or if you are going to recruit help with installing them. Most blinds and curtains themselves cost about $30 to $40, with installation costing about the same.

Q: Can you machine wash dirty vertical blinds?

Ans: The obvious answer to PVC or plastic vertical blinds is “no,” but there is a much more detailed answer when it comes to vertical curtains. Most vertical curtains can be machine washed, but certain things need to be taken into account when doing this. First, you cannot use temperatures higher than 85 degrees fahrenheit in most cases. If you use higher temperatures, you will risk permanently damaging the curtains. Also, make sure that you are using slower speeds when using your machine.

Q: How do you clean dirty vertical blinds?

Ans: The answer to this question really depends on whether you are using plastic blinds or curtains. If you are using plastic or PVC blinds, you’ll need to know what kinds of materials they use. Curtains can be washed in a machine fairly easily, provided you can follow the specific instructions that they provide. When it comes to plastic and PVC blinds, the best way to clean them is to wipe them down with cleaner, but be careful about what cleaner you use. Some cleaning substances can damage certain plastic and PVC blinds.


There is a lot more to vertical blinds and curtains than something that just hangs from your window. You should consider whether you want plastic or PVC blinds installed or curtains installed, and you should also consider whether you want your blinds or curtains to darken your room completely or partially. Be very aware that different vertical blinds and especially vertical curtains contain different levels of room darkening properties. You might need to sacrifice some aesthetic value of your window if you want your vertical blinds or curtains to darken a room completely. You should also be aware that not every vertical blind or curtain can be cleaned and washed the same way. Different ones use different methods of cleaning and you should be aware of that.

All things considered, there are many things you should consider when choosing vertical blinds and curtains and they should not be ignored.

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